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Bedtime Fairy Stories (Mp3)

An innovative CD of original, enchanting stories with soothing narration and soporific background music


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This innovative product has been designed to help children of all ages get a good night’s sleep. The album features six chapters totaling over 80 minutes of audio. Because each chapter is approximately 13 minutes long; children can listen to a different chapter each night and drift off to sleep to the sounds of the soporific lullabies, background music and soothing narration. After a couple of weeks most children will start requesting their favourite chapter to fall asleep to each night.
The bedtime tales are exciting but, unlike traditional fairy stories, they do not contain any scary/negative story lines or messages. We want children to have sweet dreams not ones that are dominated by the big bad wolf!
Many of these new, original fairy tales have an educational value to them and promote positive messages of sharing, making friends and helping others.
The stories all take place in the magical setting of Lullaby Land which is a place that can only be reached in a child’s dreams. The main character is called Snoozy and children love hearing about Snoozy’s adventures in Lullaby Land. Children often can’t wait to climb in to bed so that they too can visit Lullaby Land in their dreams which is obviously great news for the child’s parents!
Obviously children younger than two will not be able to follow the story lines but we’ve found that this album is great for very young babies as well as toddlers. The warm, mellow lullabies and music couple nicely with the soft, comforting voice of the narrator and so this can be an effective sleeping aid even for newborn babies.


• Contains rich sound FX, soothing narration and lulling music
• Promotes a positive attitude towards sleep
• Over 80 minutes of audio

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Newborn, Under 6 months, 6-12 months, Over 12 months


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