Is the Duchess of Cambridge Pregnant?

Duchess of Cambridge Pregnant Lullaby babies has been following the rumours that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant again, and possibly even with twins!


Some news articles are pointing to her just being pregnant, others lean more towards twins, and a few stories have now been published suggesting that there may have even been a miscarriage. Let’s hope not.

So, is the Duchess of Cambridge pregnant or not?


Does the fact she recently jumped over some tins (in high wedges) at the Commonwealth Games whilst playing the South African game Three Tins provide any clues?


Some say yes, as a pregnant woman would not do such a thing, but others remind us of the fact that Kate was equally as active the day before she announced her first pregnancy with Prince George.


One thing we can say is that Kate is currently not taking things easy at all, and both her and Prince William still appear to be as busy as ever.


Either way, time will tell very soon, but in the meantime, we cannot rule out other tabloid stories such as; is the Duchess of Cambridge pregnant with triplets?

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