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Peter Andre has a baby Girl with Emily

Peter Andre has a baby Girl with Emily

Congratulations to Peter Andre and Emily MacDonaugh from Lullaby-babies, who have reportedly given birth to a baby girl earlier today.


Peter Andre Baby
In a statement the singer said: “Now that I have had the opportunity to tell Junior & Pringles , we are very happy to announce the safe arrival of our beautiful baby girl, although no names were mentioned at the time.


“We are extremely thrilled and mum and bubba are doing fine. We are looking forward to a nice quiet couple of weeks getting to know our baby. Thanks to everyone at Musgrove Park Hospital”.


Emily, 23, was admitted to a Somerset hospital last night with staff taking to Twitter to share the happy news before the couple could get the chance, sounds like a confidentiality breach to me?


As and when Peter & Emily decide on a name, we will be happy to provide them with a free personalised lullaby from us, although i’m sure it won’t be long before Peter is creating his very own lullaby, ooooh, mysterious baby……


Published on January 8, 2014 by Gemma Bellamy

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