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Do you pay your baby or your phone most attention?

If you spend more time looking at Facebook, emails, tweeting or browsing Mail online, then this new study may encourage you to put down your phone once in a while.

Distracted mothers checking emails and tweeting all day long can damage their baby’s brain development by not giving ‘consistent care’

According to early development researchers at Irvine, University of California, they found that erratic baby care can disrupt an infant’s brain development.

They suggest that babies and young children need ‘predictable stimuli’ to ensure the proper growth of neuron networks, i.e. the brain.

Once again this study was conducted on mice, although researchers are sure the results also apply to humans who are distracted by mobiles, iPad’s and other gadgets. Not entirely sure how they replicated mummy mice checking Facebook pages etc, and ignoring baby mouse’s calls or squeaks for attention.

The findings come hot on the heels of previous newspaper reports suggesting that young children are increasingly feeling ignored due to their parents’ constant use of tablets and mobile phones.

Distracted mothers ignoring their babies or young children have been found to disrupt the brains development, and may even lead to emotional disorders later in life. The study goes on to suggest that relatively harmless everyday interruptions, such as texts, phone calls or internet browsing, can have a long-lasting effect on a child, even though the research was carried out on mice.

What do you think? do you believe that checking your mobile now can lead to a crazed attention seeking, emotional wreck of a future teenager?

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