7 Birthday Gifts for One Year Old Babies

one year old baby giftsTurning one is probably the most special milestone in a child’s life. But celebrating a baby’s first birthday is more exciting and special for the parents. Being new into the world of parenthood, there are chances that the parents have already had some hard times and hence it is the best occasion to have a great time with family and friends. At this stage in a child’s life, he/ she are probably figuring out how to sit, crawl, pull, hold as well as stand. Exploding with enthusiasm and wonder, it is not at all difficult to find the perfect first birthday gifts for a one year old baby. Below is a detailed list of some of the best gifts for these little charmers.

7 best birthday gifts for a one year old baby:


These are some birthday gifts that are necessary for one year old baby for his growing requirements. Let us check out these birthday gifts ideas.

  1. 1.       Blocks

Currently in the most creative and enthusiastic phase in his life, you kid will definitely find use of playing blocks. It will encourage the baby to create something out of the blocks and hence is a great boost to your child’s imagination as well. These blocks are available in different colours, shapes, sizes and will help in adding fun into your toddler’s playtime. Fill a basket with plenty of these blocks and it is one of those birthday presents that the baby can use for the next 1- 2 years as well.

  1. 2.       Toy phones

Very popular in the category of birthday presents for one year old babies, toy phones will fill your child with excitement and fun. Toddlers are often fascinated by the mobile phones their parents use and often try to play with it as well. How fun it will be to give your baby a toy phone of his own? Loaded with lots of tunes and voices, you baby will not only play with it, rather he/ she will also learn how to hold, open as well as make conversation on a mobile phone.

  1. 3.       Handy feeding supplies

Children in their initial years are fed with feeding bottles and other common paraphernalia. These include small plates, spoons, cups and bowls among others. There are lots of such paraphernalia to choose from. These come with cartoon characters and child- friendly designs made on them. You can choose any such set of feeding supplies for the babies celebrating their first birthday. Make sure to look for crash- friendly and child- safe material. Put all the supplies together in a beautiful basket and you have just invested in one of the most adorable gift options.

  1. 4.       Bath toys

Babies are seen to be most excited during their bath times. So how about adding some fun into this bath time? For this purpose, you can stock up your baby’s bathtub with lots of toys. There are bath- friendly toys available in the market and these come in a lot of variety as well. From fish to hippo, ducks and frogs, there are lots of creatures that can turn your child’s bathtub into their own zoo. With time, you will see the baby carrying out pretend talks with these toys, while also giving them imaginary names.

  1. 5.       Give a makeover to your baby’s room

New age parents are seen adopting this trend fast and frequent. With your baby turning one, there can be no better gift than giving him/ her, a separate room. Along with a comfortable crib or bed (where baby can take adequate sleep), you can also add various stuffed toys to make it look like your baby’s very own bedroom. The best part about this birthday gift idea is that it will remain the same way for many years to come and your baby will surely love to have a place of his own for playing and spending time with friends as well.

  1. 6.       Make an investment

Again it is an out of the box gift for your toddler. With your baby celebrating his/ her first birthday, make a small investment for them. There are various child investment plans available these days. Choose the one that works the best for you and you will be making some meaningful investment towards your child’s future.

  1. 7.       Invest in a book

At this stage of your baby’s life, books are a necessity. Look for child- friendly books with bright pictures and drawings. Preferably go for a book with lots of cartoon characters, pictures of fruits, animals, etc. and your kid will have a stimulating effect. It will also make your baby curious about all the books that you will be buying them in the future.

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