After baby is born “sip and see” parties increase in the UK

Sip and See Parties set to rise in the UK


In yesterdays “Times” newspaper [16/7/13] there was an interesting story that another American baby related phenomenon was sweeping through our shores. Sip and see parties, as they have been named, can cost as much as a small wedding, between £3,000 and £7,000 according to TLC the event organiser, who arranged two such events in 2012, but already have orders for eight half way through 2013.

A sip and see party is essentially a drinks party where friends and family are all invited together to see the newborn at once. It is thought a few high profile sip and see parties in America, including the daughter of George W Bush, were shared by social media sites, and that brought the craze to the UK.

Personalised champagne

Sip and see parties tend to have similar traits to baby showers, also imported from America, in that they have newborn baby gifts, nappy cakes, cute baby clothes and of course alcohol, usually personalised champagne.
Sip and sees have evolved from the traditional baby showers, which are held by 36 per cent of expecting mums. The article even suggests that the Duchess of Cambridge is rumoured to have had one, arranged by her sister Pippa.

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