The Importance of Baby Names

You`ve got everything ready for your new arrival. Everything, that is, except their name. How can you choose a name which will encapsulate everything that makes your child unique before you`ve even met them? Of course, some people have it all figured out long before they`ve even conceived, but for many parents-to-be choosing a name is one of the most difficult jobs to do when it comes to having a baby.


Choosing the right baby name
They`re right to be cautious. There have been numerous studies to suggest that names can have an effect on a child`s future success. Sometimes it`s a case of self-perception. A person who doesn`t like their first name can perceive themselves in a more negative way and this can reflect on how others perceive them as well. Other times, it can be the associations that people have with certain names, especially influential figures such as teachers. For example, children with unusual spellings for traditional names can end up being placed in the lower streams at school. It`s unfortunate but true and certainly doesn`t help ease the pressure of choosing that perfect name.


Many parents-to-be give their baby a name while still in utero, only to find that once they`re born their “perfect” name doesn`t suit them at all. And that`s all right. When it comes to choosing the best name for your baby, you want to be sure that you`ve got it right, even if your new arrival is known as “baby no name” for a week after they have been welcomed into the world.


Of course, it doesn`t hurt to have some ideas about the best baby name before your bundle of joy arrives. The internet has certainly revolutionised the way we choose names for our offspring and there are very few parents who haven`t done a Google search or two before the big day. Internet searches can also be used to check out any negative associations with a particular name. For example, if the name you want for your child is the same as a serial killer or an unpopular politician, it can be useful to find that out before you commit your child to that association for the rest of their life.


Baby names certainly rise and fall in trends, depending on what is fashionable or popular at the time of their birth. Most people veer away from the top 10 to 20 names for fear that their child will be made to feel less distinctive, however the “most popular” lists change frequently and what was once a number 50 or 60 name on the top 100 list can easily enter the top 10, especially if a celebrity has pinched your unique baby name.


The responsibility of choosing the perfect name can feel immense but in the end it is your actions as a parent that have the greatest impact on how your child turns out, not what name you give them. So relax and have fun. A baby by any other name will certainly smell as sweet because he or she is yours! And if you don`t want to be inundated with personalised baby cushions and toys with the wrong name on, just keep it a secret until you know for sure that you`ve picked the perfect name for your child.

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