The Baby Naming Process – Keeping Up With The Karashians

When considering a suitable name for your offspring there is a heck of a lot to consider.  When you bounce ideas off your spouse you may get some of the following reservations:


– “That name is too common”

– “It reminds me of someone I used to know who I didn’t like!”

– “I’ve got a friend who’s just named their baby that”

– “That name doesn’t sound right with our surname”

– “People will shorten it and I don’t like the shortened version”

– “People will misspell it”

– “I’d rather have a name that means something”


The power of the veto comes into play a lot during this process!  To lighten the mood (or perhaps sometimes to test the water) there are often a few light-hearted suggestions thrown in for good measure!


When Kim Kardashian appeared on the Jay Leno show recently and voiced a name she said was ‘cute,’ she may have been joking or she may have been testing the water!  The audience’s immediate reaction was one of laughter and so hopefully she won’t be going down that route now either way!


Kim Kardashian Talks Baby Names

Kim Kardashian Talks Baby Names With Jay Leno.


Kim was on the Jay Leno programme to show off her bump and naturally she discussed a variety of baby-related topics.  Jay asked her whether the rumours regarding the name North were true.   Kayne West is the father of the child and so it’s easy to see why rumours of a baby North West were started.  Thankfully, Kim confirmed this was just a rumour but added that she was a fan of the name Easton!!  The idea of the baby being called Easton West produced a chuckle from the audience but it’s still unclear as to whether this was a serious suggestion or just a joke.


How Important Is A Name?

Was Shakespeare’s Juliet correct when she said that, ‘A rose by any other name would smell as sweet’?   She probably was.  However, a rose doesn’t have to endure years of school-yard bullying!


As the human mind works by association I also think there’s a certain logic in name-related discrimination.  If you don’t agree then ask yourself if you are 100 percent certain that an employer flicking through a bunch of CVs would give equal, unbiased attention to a candidate named Jordan as they would to one named Elizabeth.


Therefore, I think a child’s name does have a significant impact on their life and it’s not something that should ever be taken lightly.  Easton West is a funny suggestion for about two seconds but the idea of a child having to live with it is just cruel.  However, it’s by no means the worst celebrity-chosen name and the following list makes you wonder what on earth is going on inside the heads of some of our most dearly-loved celebs:


The 20 Worst Celebrity Names

20. Kal-El

Child Of:  Nicolas Cage


19. Fifi Trixibelle

Child Of:  Bob Geldof and Paula Yates


18. Ocean

Child Of: Forest Whitaker


17. Apple

Child Of:  Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin


16. Coco

Child Of:  Courteney Cox and David Arquette


15. Kyd

Child Of:  David Duchovny and Tea Leoni


14. Pilot Inspektor

Child Of: Jason Lee



Child Of:  Steven Spielberg



Adopted child Of:  Angelina Jolie (and Brad Pitt)


11.Memphis Eve

Child Of:  Bono


10. Prince Michael II/Blanket

Child Of: Michael Jackson


9. Rocket Rodriguez

Child Of: Robert Rodriguez


8. Blue Angel

Child Of: The Edge (U2)


7. Tu Morrow

Child Of: Rob Morrow


6. Moxie Crimefighter

Child Of: Penn Jillette


5. Jermajesty

Child Of: Jermaine Jackson


4. Audio Science

Child Of: Actress Shannyn Sossamon


3. Sage Moonblood

Son Of:  Sylvester Stallone


2. Moon Unit

Child Of: Frank Zappa


1. Diva Thin Muffin

Child Of: Frank Zappa


Congratulations to Frank Zappa for securing the top two spots- an incredible achievement.


Have I missed any out?  Let me know…


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