Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Fantastic Baby Shower Gift Ideas


If you have a friend or relative blooming with pregnancy, you’re more than likely already thinking about baby shower gift ideas. There are many incredible products for babies available for you to choose from, so you’re bound to be spoilt for choice.


Here are a few things to consider when you’re choosing a gift to buy:

  • Do you know the sex?
  • Do you know the nursery theme?
  • Do you know what other people are buying? So that gifts aren’t given twice, it is a really good idea to set up a group email or text with other friends who are attending the baby shower to make sure two people don’t buy the same gift.
  • Do you know what the parents to be want or need?



When you’ve got a good idea of the type of gift you would like to get, you can start shopping and enjoy yourself! Remember if you have a budget, keep to it and don’t leave it to the last minute if you’re ordering online so you know you’ll get the gift in plenty of time.


Here are some fantastic baby shower gift ideas:

Baby Clothes Bouquet

Baby clothes bouquets are quite new to the UK, which means you’re probably going to be the first person to introduce them to your group of friends. They look absolutely beautiful and are a truly unique way of presenting a gift.


Gift Sets

Gift sets are a really great idea if you simply want something lovely that’s comprised of a few different items. Our Elephant gift sets are perfect as baby shower gifts as they come in boy or girl colour schemes and have a super cute animal design on the clothing that any parent will love. All the gift sets can be personalised too, which makes the gift extra personal and extra special. Alternatively you could treat your friend to one of our special baby shower gift baskets. We have an organic luxury baby gift basket which contains 8 high quality luxury organic items for baby, and the colours are neutral so this would be ideal if the sex of the baby isn’t known yet. If the sex of the baby is known we have sex specific gift baskets which contain gorgeous baby essentials, these can be personalised baby gift baskets.


Teddy Bears

All babies and children love soft cute teddies and teddy bears really are top of the list when it comes to baby shower gift ideas. How about a sweet Forever Friends Bear with a personalised jumper?


Nursery Decorations

Often as much (if not more!) money goes into decorating the nursery as it does getting items for the baby, so nursery decorations are a great baby shower gift idea. Personalised wall stickers or a personalised family poster are easy to put up decorations that will really make a room special.


Remember that the best baby shower gift ideas come from the heart and the proud parents to be will love whatever you buy. Happy shopping!

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