Tips on Setting Your Baby’s Internal Clock

There are some simple techniques for helping your baby synchronize her sleeping patterns with the adult way of doing things and therefore she will safely reach the stage where she sleeps through the night more quickly.


During the day, open the windows and let the light fill the rooms. Generate lots of hustle and bustle and try to get outdoors for some playtime. At night do exactly the opposite as sleep-time approaches. Start turning down the lights, be as quiet as possible, turn off the television and reduce talking to absolute minimum. Feed, cuddle, massage and hold baby as quietly as possible. You can also quietly play her favourite lullaby just before bedtime. Baby will soon learn to associate this with the process of falling asleep.


These straightforward procedures remove distractions and so facilitate the baby’s awareness of the ultimate clock-setters, your local sunrise and sunset. With time, the sun’s rhythm will trigger chemical reactions that reset your baby’s internal clock.


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