9 Smart Tips on How to Prepare for Pregnancy

If you think that both of you are capable of having a family and are preparing for pregnancy, then go on. Aside from being financially and physically ready, you must also prepare your mind and inner self. Try to think of this, if I want to become pregnant, am I ready for it, and what can I do. Getting pregnant and having a family isn’t an easy job. A lot of patience, effort and understanding are needed. Here are some pregnancy tips that may be the best way in preparing pregnancy:

Visit your healthcare provider

Visit your trusted healthcare provider and voiced out your plan and asks for what’s the fastest way in conceiving a baby. Also asks for reproductive specialists that will do all check-ups, such as general health assessment, pap smear and much more. If ever you can find a doctor who is/are supportive or known for both Western and Eastern medicine the better. It can bring you the best tips on how to get pregnant. Acupuncture which is an example of complementary therapies from Eastern World are recognized by the World Health Organization and is recommended for treatment of some conditions from formal medical institutions. Before you prepare for pregnancy, make sure that your body, especially reproductive organs are both healthy and are capable of conceiving.

Take prenatal supplement

As early as possible, make sure that your body is getting healthy. Perhaps, it is the first things to do. Babies are wired for survival, so it is important to make sure that you have enough and a good supply of essential nutrients and vitamins. Yes, we can get the most of the nutrients out in the foods we eat, but these doesn’t contain all the nutrients needed in our body. So some are advised to take a good quality of prenatal vitamins. This is to prevent any possible health problems and complications for yourself and your baby.

It can be difficult to get all the folate that you need from the food you eat. So it is a good idea to take a quality prenatal supplement and multivitamin with some adequate folic acid levels. This might help you prevent some neural tube defects, such as spina bifida. Spina bifida is one of the most common birth defects. Start taking some prenatal supplements three months before conception, but if you’re expecting to conceive earlier, then start as soon as possible. Nutrients and vitamins are most crucial in the first trimester. It is because the brain and the spinal cord of your baby are still developing.

Do some  exercise

What to do before getting pregnant? Simple. Keep you body healthy. How? Do some exercise. Women who exercise before conception period have a greater chance of having a successful pregnancy and healthy you shoulbaby. No need to go to the gym. Just aim or practice at a 30-60 minute walk every day, if possible do it with your partner so that you can build a stronger relationship. Walking together with the love of your life presents a great connection for both of you and can improve the chances of getting pregnant at a faster rate. Plus, walking in the sunshine you can get a dose of vitamin D which is highly beneficial for mood, immune system, and fertility. But if you prefer in going to gym, why not, Perhaps, you can either play your sport as a form of an exercise, fun and keeping your body healthy at a time can be executed. The fitter you are, the better for your body for it can cope with the needs and demands of being pregnant, as well as for childbirth.

Improve or change your lifestyle

You should aim for a healthy weight for your body and for your future baby. This is the most important tips to get pregnant. An underweight or overweight body can impact your fertility, and can also cause some health complication at the time of pregnancy. Studies suggested that women can reduce the risk of acquiring gestational diabetes by adopting or exercising a healthy lifestyle prior to their conception. Women who ate healthy and nutritious foods and exercise for about 150 minutes every week, tend to have a BMI less than 25.

Moreover, women who don’t smoke are 83% less likely to develop gestational diabetes compared to those women who did not meet a healthy lifestyle. For you to prepare, no matter how long a healthy pregnancy is, you should eat healthy foods. But, what food should you eat and foods that you should avoid? Foods with sugars including sweetened drinks such as flavored milk, sports drinks, and juices must be avoided. Drinking plenty of water is also advisable. Eat a balanced diet. Your diet must include a lot of fresh veggies and fruits in a variety of color, eggs, chia seeds, and healthy seafood and other nutritious foods. This is to make sure that you can get enough amount of protein, iodine, good fats and other essential nutrients.

If you’re a smoker or a drinker, or both stop it now. It is not good for your health. Reduce also your caffeine intake for it is not good for your baby and your health.

Prepare all the essential things needed

If you’re planning for a baby, better to prepare the things needed during and after conceiving a baby. Shop for essential things such as clothes, diapers, milk etc.. Avail discounts or promos as possible, as long as it is of good quality.

Know your family health history

To be able to know future health complications better to know your family’s previous health problems. This will give conceive tip in preparing, or as possible preventing such complications to affect your baby. And if your family has a history of any genetic disorders, consult it with your healthcare provider for further assessment and prevention.

Preparing for a baby doesn’t need any supernatural efforts. It only needs common sense. These preparations are not only for your own sake, this for the benefits of your baby and for your future family. Better to be prepared, that never. After all, pregnancy should not stress you, rather it’s the time you should enjoy.


Do you pay your baby or your phone most attention?

If you spend more time looking at Facebook, emails, tweeting or browsing Mail online, or more likely FeMail online, then this new study may encourage you to put down your phone once in a while.

Distracted mothers checking emails and tweeting all day long can damage their baby’s brain development by not giving ‘consistent care’

According to early development researchers at Irvine, University of California, they found that erratic baby care can disrupt an infant’s brain development.

They suggest that babies and young children need ‘predictable stimuli’ to ensure the proper growth of neuron networks, i.e. the brain.

Once again this study was conducted on mice, although researchers are sure the results also apply to humans who are distracted by mobiles, iPad’s and other gadgets. Not entirely sure how they replicated mummy mice checking Facebook pages etc, and ignoring baby mouse’s calls or squeaks for attention.

The findings come hot on the heels of previous newspaper reports suggesting that young children are increasingly feeling ignored due to their parents’ constant use of tablets and mobile phones.

Distracted mothers ignoring their babies or young children have been found to disrupt the brains development, and may even lead to emotional disorders later in life. The study goes on to suggest that relatively harmless everyday interruptions, such as texts, phone calls or internet browsing, can have a long-lasting effect on a child, even though the research was carried out on mice.

What do you think? do you believe that checking your mobile now can lead to a crazed attention seeking, emotional wreck of a future teenager?


If you want to stop your little ones nagging you – give them what they want

That’s not a recommendation from us by the way, its according to new research from the University of Manchester. The clever bods or researchers at the University think (following years of expensive research no doubt) that if mums are generous, her offspring will nag her less. it didn’t say anything about dads, so guess dads can still say no.nagging chil

However, reading on through the research we then discover that the subjects of this research were not real nagging toddlers and children, but mice!

Mice eh, well there’s an obvious comparison. Other than eating a lot of cheese, or more like cheese strings, I don’t really see the relationship myself. Anyway, those clever people have concluded that pups (that’s small mice to you and me) don’t continue asking for more if they are already well provided for.

They say it is something to do with a ‘fitness cost’, whatever that is, I say it’s because they are stuffed full of whatever they have been begging for, and so don’t want it anymore. These findings which have even been published, are also applicable to humans too, say the researchers.

To be fair, the researches also say a lot of very technical stuff about nest-building by mothers, chromosome 7, chromosome 5, and other techie talk, so we are not really qualified to poo poo the study of course. But to us, just imagine the carnage if the kids cottoned onto the fact that mums would just give them everything they ever asked for.

What do you think of this study?




According to on-line luxury baby gifts boutique Lullaby-babies  8 out of 10 new mums admitted that their eventual choice of baby name was influenced either significantly or partially by previous encounters with the “name” either with adults, children or other babies, throughout the lives of both parents.top baby names 2015

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most significant negative influence on choosing a new babies name is the delicate subject of the new parent’s exes.

In the confidential telephone survey of new mums, the name of their husbands, boyfriends, or partner’s exes were the single largest negative influences, with 8 out of 10 confessing their partners exes names were first to be removed from the possibilities list, followed closely with the names of their own exes.

“It was really interesting to hear from new mums that their partner’s exes names were a definite no no, and were the very first names to be removed from the possibilities list”. Said Gemma Bellamy Owner of Lullaby Babies. “Although their own exes names were also removed from the list, I very much got the impression there wasn’t quite the same urgency in removing mums exes from the list as there was with dads”

The next highest influence as to what not to name your newborn is either a current or past boss at work, being marginally more influential than work colleagues, either past or present affecting 60% of mums.

Other reasons identified as to why a name was rejected based on past experiences with it were; the names of school friends or best friends, the name of your friends or neighbours babies and children, the school bully’s name, the school nerds name, and also certain celebrity names.

However, celebrity names don’t just act as a negative influence, some new mums said celebrity names actually had a positive influence on them, with 2 out of 10 admitting being partially influenced by them, and a slightly higher 3 out of 10 being influenced by TV personalities or movie stars.

Favorite football team players, probably prompted by dad, and other sports heroes were also positive influencers, but the most common positive name influencers were names that already appeared within the family, either immediate or extended family, with both living or deceased relative names being considered an influence for 50% of new mums. Only names that are currently “popular” had a larger influence on mums than family names, with 7 out of 10 mums being influenced by the annual top 100 baby names survey, and in particular the top 10 names of both sexes.

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Would you be happy with Prince George in your Child’s Nursery Class?

Prince George Nursery

So William & Kate have selected the Westacre Montessori School at East Walton as Prince George’s nursery, with him due to start late next month, not far from his parent’s Anmer Hall home in Norfolk.

Prince george nursery

Prince George’s Nursery

With most headlines centering on the fact the future kings nursery only costs £33 per day, or is an Ofsted rated “good” school, we consider if other more ordinary mums and dads would be happy to have such a special guest mixing with their own children, or if such a high profile toddler would make the “special experience” promised by the school, special for the all the wrong reasons.

On the plus side, if your child was to make life long friends with the Prince, then they, and ultimately you, would surely benefit in the its who you know game in later life? Think of how much fun all those parties will be, and you could always call in a favor if your home extension planning application had been declined.

However, how would you feel if it was your child who has been hitting poor George at nursery with the drum sticks? That would be an embarrassing conversation to have, and one you wouldn’t be able to blame on the other child!

More seriously though, will your child actually get a normal nursery experience with the Prince in class? Will there be burly suited men in all four corners of the classroom, and many more outside with firearms unconvincingly hidden under their jackets?

In a statement, the school said: “We are looking forward to welcoming George to our nursery where he will get the same special experience as all of our children.” A nice idea of course, but very unlikely to be the same experience. The school run which is about a 20-minute drive from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s mansion is more likely to involve a fleet of vehicles travelling at high speed with police outriders, and maybe even a helicopter escort from above.

And if all this security isn’t the cases, then why not? he is the future King of England going from a well known point A (home) to another well known point B (nursery) during the working week, this predictability is very dangerous considering the number of enemies this Country, and thus the Crown now have.

Soft targets are the preferred target for some unmentionable organisations, and there is none as soft as a child’s nursery.

So, would you be happy and relaxed at work, whilst Prince George was in nursery with your child?


Top Baby Names 2015

Top Baby Names in 2015

The BabyCentre has now released the results of its top baby names 2015 survey after asking 340,000 new parents what they named thier babies.

There have been some significant changes in baby names this year, with some previously popular names falling out of favour in the top baby names 2015 review.top baby names 2015

Muhammad or a number of variations of the name has shot up to No 1 in the top baby names 2015 chart, pushing Oliver down to 2nd place.

The name Muhammad, which can be spelt in more than 10 different ways, were all added together in the ratings.

We have many of the top 100 boys and girls top baby names in 2015 ready to download as a personalised lullaby or have a browse of our naming day gifts and christening gifts to give you a few ideas.

The top 10 is similar to last year, with Jack at number three, Noah at four, and Jacob at number five.

Harry is now at number six after swapping places with Charlie, and the popular joshua has slipped 3 places, whilst George is a big gaineder of 6 places as Price George gets more publicity.

The top baby names in 2015 for boys:
1. Muhammad +0
2. Oliver +0
3. Jack +0
4. Noah +0
5. Jacob +0
6. Harry +1
7. Charlie -1
8. Ethan +2
9. James +0
10. Thomas +1
11. Joshua -3
12. George +6
13. William -1
14. Daniel +1
15. Leo +2
16. Ryan +33
17. Alexander +3
18. Henry -5
19. Max -3
20. Oscar -6
21. Logan +1
22. Alfie -3
23. Adam +1
24. Lucas -3
25. Freddie +6
26. Isaac -1
27. Aiden +26
28. Finley -2
29. Dylan -6
30. Joseph +2
31. Liam -1
32. Theo -3
33. Samuel -6
34. Benjamin -6
35. Archie +0
36. Jayden +6
37. Harrison -3
38. Nathan +1
39. Michael +17
40. Mason -3
41. Sebastian -8
42. Jackson +34
43. Jake -7
44. Luke -4
45. Edward +2
46. Zachary -1
47. Alex -3
48. Elijah -2
49. Lewis -11
50. David +8
51. Matthew -10
52. Teddy +9
53. Elliot -5
54. Toby -4
55. Arthur -1
56. Connor +21
57. Reuben +0
58. Caleb +2
59. Gabriel +9
60. Luca -8
61. Ollie +6
62. Ben +0
63. Ali +19
64. Eli +22
65. Riley -22
66. Aaron -11
67. Callum +14
68. Tyler -9
69. Omar +10
70. Austin -4
71. Hugo +12
72. Finn -3
73. Harvey +11
74. Ahmad new!
75. Ayaan new!
76. Jude +19
77. Jamie -12
78. Evan -15
79. Owen -6
80. John +18
81. Tommy +9
82. Felix -7
83. Dominic new!
84. Rory -20
85. Cameron +4
86. Aarav +13
87. Sam -36
88. Dexter -18
89. Nathaniel +8
90. Jason +4
91. Seth -13
92. Blake -20
93. Jenson new!
94. Jasper -6
95. Joel new!
96. Leon -9
97. Harley new!
98. Stanley -18
99. Andrew -3
100. Bobby new!

A big rise of 3 places for Olivia takes the number one spot this year. The name is Latin and comes from “olive tree”, which means peace and fertility in ancient Greece.

Suprisingly, Isla has fallen out of the top 10 this year, while Ella has just popped in at number nine. Nice to see Chloe adding 4 to reach no 6 this year, doesn’t suprise me with all the Chloe’s now at school.
The top baby names in 2015 for girls:
1. Olivia +3
2. Sophia -1
3. Lily +0
4. Emily -2
5. Amelia +0
6. Chloe +4
7. Isabelle +4
8. Sophie +1
9. Ella +3
10. Isabella -3
11. Ava -3
12. Isla -6
13. Mia +1
14. Grace +4
15. Jessica +1
16. Poppy -3
17. Evie -2
18. Emma +1
19. Nur +10
20. Freya +3
21. Hannah +11
22. Scarlett +3
23. Layla +33
24. Eva -2
25. Charlotte -8
26. Phoebe +2
27. Lucy -1
28. Alice -8
29. Evelyn +11
30. Daisy +0
31. Millie +15
32. Zoe +44
33. Annabelle +14
34. Florence -1
35. Ruby -14
36. Aria +36
37. Matilda +2
38. Maya +3
39. Molly -15
40. Abigail -13
41. Holly +4
42. Sienna -5
43. Ellie -9
44. Anna +14
45. Zara +18
46. Thea +27
47. Emilia +6
48. Erin -12
49. Imogen +0
50. Sarah +1
51. Maryam -16
52. Rosie -8
53. Jasmine -5
54. Bella -11
55. Elizabeth -24
56. Maisie +5
57. Ivy -5
58. Elsie -20
59. Leah +12
60. Darcey new!
61. Eliza -6
62. Georgia -12
63. Aaliyah new!
64. Lola -22
65. Amber +1
66. Mila -9
67. Ariana +19
68. Eleanor +9
69. Amelie -9
70. Madison -1
71. Esme +8
72. Meghan -7
73. Gabriella +10
74. Willow -15
75. Harriet -8
76. Katie -12
77. Martha new!
78. Amy +15
79. Lara -5
80. Penelope new!
81. Maria +0
82. Rose -28
83. Violet -15
84. Sara new!
85. Eloise new!
86. Summer -24
87. Harper -2
88. Lauren new!
89. Gracie -19
90. Alexis -1
91. Clara +7
92. Robyn -2
93. Paige new!
94. Iris -12
95. Kayla -17
96. Orla new!
97. Faith -9
98. Alexa new!
99. Skye -8
100. Nicole new!

Interesting BabyCentre predicts that popular films such as the The Hunger Games (which I saw last week) may have an influence on the list next year, so should we expet to see Katniss in the top 10 baby girls list and President Snow for the boys?…. Lets hope not.

Salisbury District Hospital Stars Appeal |Dominic Mabey

  • Please take the time to read the appeal below;
  • My name is Charlotte, myself and my husband are currently raising money for the STARS APPEAL at Salisbury Hospital. I am specifically raising funds for THE BENSON SUITE. This is a ward of the hospital that provides care for families who have lost their baby before or after labour.Myself and my family sadly had to use this ward in September after suffering the loss of our son at 36 weeks pregnant. We truly believe that without this ward our recovery and grief would have been a lot worse. By having this ward we had the ability to stay overnight with our son Dominic in a comfortable environment away from the main labour ward.
    We want to be able to give back to this ward to say thank you and to make sure any other families that tragically have to go through what we did have the comfort and support from The Benson Suite.We are currently arranging to hold a charity auction in November with all proceeds going to the Ward. We are looking for donations to be able to auction off and was wondering if your company would consider donating an item or a voucher of any sort.

    I thank you for taking the time to read this, and understand that donations probably get requested all the time, so would be truly grateful for anything no matter how small.

    Warmest Wishes

    Charlotte Mabey


  • Salisbury District Hospital Stars AppealCharity Registration No. 1052284

Foods Baby’s Should Avoid

This foods baby’s should avoid article is based on advice from the NHS


Babies should avoid eating salt as it is harmful to their kidneys. Do not add any salt to your baby’s food and don’t use  gravy as it is high in salt. Do remember this if  you’re cooking for the family and you also plan to give the same food to baby.


Babies don’t need any sugar. Avoid all sugary snacks and drinks, and you’ll help to stop tooth decay. Instead if you need to sweeten baby’s food, use mashed banana, or breast milk if necessary.


Sometimes, honey can contain bacteria which produces toxins inside a baby’s intestines, which can lead to baby botulism, which can also be a very serious illness. Try not to give baby any honey until they’re at least one year old. Remember honey is a sugar, and can cause tooth decay.


Most whole nuts, including peanuts, shouldn’t be given to baby’s or children under five as they can choke on them. But as long as there is no food allergy history in your family, you can give baby peanuts after they’re six months old, but only if they’re crushed or ground into peanut butter.

Saturated fat

Don’t give your baby or child too many foods that are high in fat such as chips, cheap burgers, cake and chocolate.

Shark, swordfish and marlin

Most definitely do not give your baby shark, swordfish or marlin. These fish can have a large amount of mercury in them, which can affect a baby’s young developing nervous system.

Raw shellfish

Do not give raw shellfish to babies as it can increase the risk of food poisoning.

Raw and undercooked eggs

Cooked eggs can be given to babies over six months old, but make sure they’re well cooked until both the white and yolk are solid.

For more information on foods baby’s should avoid see the NHS website

The First Weeks with a Newborn Baby

The first weeks with a newborn baby

There’s something very exciting and special about being all alone for the very first time during the first few weeks with your newborn baby, but it can also be quite frightening. This is when you will begin to realise that you cannot go back to how it was before. You’re now totally responsible for a brand new human being, the responsibility may seem much too bear. You may have a secret wish to go back home to your mum and ask her to take over. Or you may be the sort of person who just knows that you’ll get through it all, and that everything will turn out fine in the end.

In these first weeks with a newborn baby,  you’ll find there is a great deal to learn and all of it at the same time. Today it might seem quite impossible, but in a matter of just a few months you’ll look back and wonder how it could have all seemed so hard.

Such true words from the introduction of birth to five by the NHS, but no matter how hard it gets, keep going, it does and will get better. From the mum of  a five year old now.

potty training

Baby Girl Gift Ideas

Baby Girl Gift Ideas – Find Out what Should be Included in your Gift Shopping List

Shopping gifts for a baby girl is fun and enjoyable since they are easy to pick out. Babies, particularly girls, are naturally adorable and cuddly, and people would love to give them adorable gifts just to get a sweet and adorable smile in return. Most of the time, people would go for pink gifts for baby girls, therefore almost any gift in pink is absolutely a good choice.

Princess Wall Art Stickers


However, you don’t necessarily have to be limited to the option of pink gifts alone. There are actually plenty of other choices out there, not to mention there are also other colors than pink that would make a great gift for baby girls. So what exactly are these baby girl gift ideas that I am talking about?





Princess-inspired accessories and dresses

People often regard baby girls as cute and lovely little princesses. Therefore, baby girl gift ideas which would make one think of a princess is a perfect gift for a baby girl. You can find plenty of choices such as hair accessories, princess-inspired dresses and even hats. You can even find cute princess-themed girl gift baskets which include some princess-themed stuff like ballet slippers, a princess tutu dress and a headband. Meanwhile, some other princess baskets would include a pink princess frame along with a keepsake box for holding baby’s sweet memories.


A cute and lovely doll

Dolls make one of the most awesome baby girl gift ideas for a baby girl. Almost any doll which a baby girl can hug and even dress up as she grows up will absolutely make a perfect present. Along with a doll, you can also include a doll house which is a perfect pair for a doll. Although it can prove to be expensive, including a dollhouse will surely be something that a baby girl will cherish as years gone by.


Baby girl essentials

Essentials are always one of the most popular baby girl gift ideas, not to mention it’s always the perfect gift to give to any baby girl. A package with essentials could contain stuff like shampoos, lotions, diapers, comb, hairbrush, headband, ribbons and a whole lot more. These items will surely commemorate a baby girl’s special day. And as she grows up, she will surely cherish such wonderful gift you had given.


Themed photo frames

Photo frames tend to be popular gifts during any special events, and a baby girl’s special day is no exception. But do you know what’s even better than a photo frame for a baby girl? Well, it’s none other than themed photo frames. Then again, a perfect choice would be a princess-themed photo frame which would actually compliment with a baby girl’s cuteness. This would allow precious babyhood memories to be captured and preserved in a picture which will then be inserted inside your photo frame gift. However, other than just preserving captured memories, photo frames also serve as wonderful decorations in a baby’s room.


Baby Gift Ideas

The hunt is over; find the best present with these great baby gift ideas

There are many of us who may have at one time experienced the difficulty of finding the perfect present for a friend or family members new addition. Whilst choice is fantastic when it comes to purchasing gifts, too much can make the whole process tricky. Especially when high street shops can be full of cute, fun and beautiful items to the extent that you may struggle to find one that is exactly what you have in mind.

Baby Blessing Giftbook


So what makes for a great baby gift? This is a tricky choice, even for those who have had babies before. After all, mum and baby will undoubtedly have been inundated with a variety of hats, boots, mittens and blankets during those early weeks.

The best idea is to think outside the box, or even outside the baby gift basket perhaps buy something that will be useful on a later date or perhaps something for the whole family to enjoy.

However if you have your heart set on selecting something from a host of baby gift ideas then there are plenty of places to come where you can find some amazing items at great prices.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the high street, there are other places that you can visit when you need some baby gift ideas; or personalised baby gifts one of these places just happens to be here on our online baby gift store, Lullaby Babies.

When it comes to baby gift ideas, Lullaby Babies have a collection of personalised, memorable and heartfelt gifts that you can give to this precious new bundle straight from the heart.

Luxury gift baskets, wooden name toys and decorations and even CDs to help them go off to sleep, we have them all and so much more.

Here are some of our most popular baby gift ideas which may inspire you for your next purchase.

https://www.lullaby-babies.co.uk/product/baby-boy-gift-set a personalised gift set that is not only absolutely gorgeous but allows for a real personal touch that any parent is likely to treasure for years to come.

Another personalised gift that is sure to become a favourite is https://www.lullaby-babies.co.uk/product/forever-friends-bear a cuddly friend that is sure to be a long lasting companion with a special message.

If you are a fan of traditional gifts then perhaps you will be tempted by the engraved https://www.lullaby-babies.co.uk/product/silver-baby-rattle a wonderfully presented gift that comes in its own silk lined box to keep it safe over the years.

Finally, we have the https://www.lullaby-babies.co.uk/product/engraved-music-box-dancing-elephants which although not personalised is still destined to become a firm favourite with its magical spinning elephants and sing along tune of Old Macdonald Had a Farm.

So if you have a new arrival to treat, make sure that you don’t spend the precious cuddling time coming up with  a long list of baby gift ideas, simply visit Lullaby babies and you will discover a whole world of beautiful, different and personal gifts that will take pride of place in any new mummy’s, daddy’s or even baby itself heart!

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Fantastic Baby Shower Gift Ideas


If you have a friend or relative blooming with pregnancy, you’re more than likely already thinking about baby shower gift ideas. There are many incredible products for babies available for you to choose from, so you’re bound to be spoilt for choice.


Here are a few things to consider when you’re choosing a gift to buy:

  • Do you know the sex?
  • Do you know the nursery theme?
  • Do you know what other people are buying? So that gifts aren’t given twice, it is a really good idea to set up a group email or text with other friends who are attending the baby shower to make sure two people don’t buy the same gift.
  • Do you know what the parents to be want or need?



When you’ve got a good idea of the type of gift you would like to get, you can start shopping and enjoy yourself! Remember if you have a budget, keep to it and don’t leave it to the last minute if you’re ordering online so you know you’ll get the gift in plenty of time.


Here are some fantastic baby shower gift ideas:

Baby Clothes Bouquet

Baby clothes bouquets are quite new to the UK, which means you’re probably going to be the first person to introduce them to your group of friends. They look absolutely beautiful and are a truly unique way of presenting a gift.


Gift Sets

Gift sets are a really great idea if you simply want something lovely that’s comprised of a few different items. Our Elephant gift sets are perfect as baby shower gifts as they come in boy or girl colour schemes and have a super cute animal design on the clothing that any parent will love. All the gift sets can be personalised too, which makes the gift extra personal and extra special. Alternatively you could treat your friend to one of our special baby shower gift baskets. We have an organic luxury baby gift basket which contains 8 high quality luxury organic items for baby, and the colours are neutral so this would be ideal if the sex of the baby isn’t known yet. If the sex of the baby is known we have sex specific gift baskets which contain gorgeous baby essentials, these can be personalised baby gift baskets.


Teddy Bears

All babies and children love soft cute teddies and teddy bears really are top of the list when it comes to baby shower gift ideas. How about a sweet Forever Friends Bear with a personalised jumper?


Nursery Decorations

Often as much (if not more!) money goes into decorating the nursery as it does getting items for the baby, so nursery decorations are a great baby shower gift idea. Personalised wall stickers or a personalised family poster are easy to put up decorations that will really make a room special.


Remember that the best baby shower gift ideas come from the heart and the proud parents to be will love whatever you buy. Happy shopping!

Baby Boy Gift Ideas

Baby Boy Gift Ideas

What Can You Buy A Loved One Who’s Pregnant?

Whether you have a friend who is pregnant or someone that has just given birth, you probably want to mark the occasion with a gift. Sometimes at first glance it can seem hard to know what to buy, however if you look into it you’ll see that there are lots of baby boy gift ideas out there.

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Tips, gadgets and apps for a healthy pregnancy

Being pregnant is one of the most significant moments in your life.  It’s something you’ll remember long after your little bundle of joy leaves home for college, or to start a family of their own.  Therefore, you don’t want to think back to your pregnancy as a stressful time, riddled with bad experiences, discomfort or illness. You want fond memories of this exciting experience for many years to come. While some issues like morning sickness can’t be avoided, you can choose to live a healthier lifestyle to make the next 9 months as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

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How to Prepare Your Bathroom for a Potty Training Toddler

Potty Training Toddler

Potty training a toddler is one of those times in a parent’s life that is both exciting and frustrating.  On the one hand, your little one is making progress and learning new things, but he’s also miscalculating, mis-communicating and making messes.

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How to Avoid Feeling Sleepy after Lunch

How to Avoid Feeling Sleepy after Lunch

If everyday you struggle to get any work done after lunch because the carpet beneath your desk looks so comfortable that you want nothing more than to curl up and fall asleep on it, then you suffer from food comas. Truth is, however, feeling drowsy after a meal is completely natural and known as the “post-lunch dip”.

coffee cup


The urge to go to sleep about seven hours after you’ve risen from the depths of your duvet is completely normal. But the modern workplace doesn’t quite subscribe to this phenomenon, demanding continued exertion even when your eyelids are struggling to stay apart. In an effort to help you stave off the post-lunch dip, we look at some of the ways you can avoid feeling sleepy after you have a meal.



Eat a healthy breakfast

While many people claim not to have time to eat breakfast, it’s important that you never skip this meal. As the first meal of the day, it sets the energy standards for the rest of the day and can make or break your worth habits. Give your body a sustained energy boost by chowing down on wholegrain breads and cereals, fruits and yoghurt. Not only will you feel less tempted to eat unhealthy foods later in the day, but it will also help fight off the drowsiness that you experience after lunch. Some studies even go so far as to suggest that regular consumption of cereal reduces coritosal, a hormone known to cause stress, which is just another reason not to miss out on a bowl full of breakfast.

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Healthy Baby: What You Should Eat During Pregnancy

What You Should Eat During Pregnancy

Holly Easterby holds high respect for strong women. She loves empowering them even more by sharing content for Bonza Brats and in kids websites like this one. In here, she mentions some of the best diet options for pregnant women. 

baby belly and bow

Are you pregnant? How are you taking care of the baby that’s inside you? Before you think of shopping for baby clothes, the first thing you should be focusing on when you’re pregnant is your health. How healthy you are can have a direct impact on your unborn child’s health. The foods that you eat are the very things that will also nourish your baby. If you are not sure about what to eat during pregnancy, this article will help you choose some for you.

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5 financial tips for new mums

Financial Tips for new mums

A baby brings with it a wealth of new and exciting experiences, alongside a stream of new and daunting responsibilities. But fear not! Here are 5 financial tips for new mums which mums can follow, so as to ensure that their little bundle of joy doesn’t accumulate a not-so-little bundle of debt!


There are a myriad of different baby products on the market today, all of which promote themselves as fundamental to your baby’s development. In order to avoid unnecessary expenditures on these products, create a list of essential items and stick to it whilst shopping. If the item isn’t on the list, then don’t buy it! This will help you to differentiate between what your baby needs, and what your baby would look cute in!

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New Personalised Wooden Toy Boxes for under £100

 Personalised Wooden Toy Boxes

A personalised wooden toy box is the perfect gift for older babies and young children, and we are pleased to announce that we have just launched a brand-new version of this popular gift, ready for the Christmas shopping season.

personalised toy boxes


Whether you are looking to personalise a toy box for a boy or girl’s birthday or Christmas present, we can provide a beautiful product, made and painted by hand here in the UK, North Somerset.


What’s more, both our new personalised wooden toy boxes are cheaper than before, with the cost down to just £99 from £135, including FREE postage and packing, and free personalised letters for the child’s name.


The girls personalised toy box is painted with a soft pink colour, with the child’s name contrasted on the front of the box in hot pink.

girls personalised toy chest


The boys toy box is painted with a light blue background, with the personalised name letters in dark blue.


Both boxes retain the natural pine wood finish on the inside, and the lids are fitted with a soft close safety catch to prevent little fingers getting hurt.  inside toy box storage


They also double as a seat or bench, handy for up to 2 children to sit on comfortably.


We can usually accommodate up to 10 characters per toy box for personalisation purposes.


Please get in touch with any questions or feedback.

New Website Design Coming Soon for Lullaby-Babies

We are pleased to announce that we have just commissioned a complete upgrade of our existing website in order to bring us right up to date with new technology.


We have taken on board customer feedback over the past few months, and hope this action will address most of the issues identified.


The new website will be fully responsive for all devices, have the latest WordPress and Woocommerce technology included, will be faster and more modern looking, and have a number of brand new features added.Responsive Website


At this stage we estimate the new site should be ready to launch during September 2014.

What You Should Know Before You go to the Hospital

What You Should Know Before You go to the Hospital

Веіng рrеgnаnt іs suрроsеd tо bе оnе оf thе mоst еnјоуаblе tіmеs оf уоur lіfе. Тhе рrоmіsе оf а nеw lіfе, thе hореs оf whаt hіs оr hеr futurе wіll brіng, thе ехсіtеmеnt оvеr whісh раrеnt уоur bаbу wіll lооk lіkе аnd whаt thеіr реrsоnаlіtу wіll bе lіkе. Еvеrу раrt оf іt іs ехсіtіng. Вut thаt dоеsn’t mеаn thаt thе рrеgnаnсу іtsеlf іsn’t dіffісult.

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Naming Day Readings

Naming Day Readings

In recent years, naming ceremonies have become increasingly popular as a non-religious alternative to a christening. The naming ceremonies are held to officially give the baby its name and introduce the baby to the community and friends and family that might not have had the chance to meet the new baby yet.

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Is the Duchess of Cambridge Pregnant?


Is the Duchess of Cambridge Pregnant

Is the Duchess of Cambridge Pregnant

Lullaby babies has been following the rumours that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant again, and possibly even with twins!


Some news articles are pointing to her just being pregnant, others lean more towards twins, and a few stories have now been published suggesting that there may have even been a miscarriage. Let’s hope not.

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Baby’s First Word is no Accident Research Claims

Books for babies

Baby’s First Word

In a recent article in the Times newspaper, researchers claim that a baby’s first word is no accident. Rhys Blakely from Los Angeles writes, Infants silently rehearse their earliest words for many months, practising their first “mumma” or “dadda” inside their heads before finally blurting it out.

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Pocket Watch Engraved with Babies Initials

Gifting a pocket watch engraved with a newborn babies initials, is becoming a very popular way of celebrating a new birth, with a keepsake that can last a life time.

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Baby Gifts Delivered to the UK

Do you need Baby Gifts Delivered to the UK ?

If you need  any baby gifts delivered to the UK following the birth of a friend or relatives baby, and you are currently not in the Country, maybe on holiday, working abroad or even having permanently emigrated, then we can provided a trusted and reliable service for you, despite being thousands of miles away. baby gifts delivered to the UK

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Things You Won’t Expect About Parenting

parenting blog pic

Things You Won’t Expect About Parenting

No matter how many books and manuals you read, or friends and family you consult for advice while your expecting your firstborn, there are some things that simply can’t be taught until you go through parenthood firsthand. That being said, we’ll do our best to give you at least a glimpse of some of these shocks and surprises to help you prepare for the thrilling and exciting adventure of raising a child!

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Are Term Time Holidays Worth it for Families?

Term Time Holidays

The news recently has been plastered with the ruling that parents can now be fined for taking their children out of school during term time for holidays. There are benefits to taking your family on holiday during term time, including the cost. However, is the bid to have the cheapest holiday possible affecting our children’s education in the long run?

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Sleeping through the Night – tips and techniques

Sleeping through the Night

Most paediatricians agree that ‘Sleeping through the Night’ actually means your baby sleeps for 6 or more hours in one stretch (5 hours for newborns).  It’s important you realise this fact or you might set unrealistic goals.

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Alternate Gifts for a Special Occasion

Nowadays because of the popularity of online shopping and sales online, it is becoming harder and harder to find suitable, yet well thought out gifts for both friends and relatives on special occasions. Plus with the recent influx of fad dieting, a simple box of chocolates hardly passes as a good gift in today’s society. So how can we show affection for our friends and relatives in this day and age?

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Five Simple Tips For Comfortable Baby Clothing

It is true that babies usually have tantrums for no apparent reason. What most parents fail to understand that the most common reason for this is uncomfortable clothing. The difficult thing about choosing baby clothes is the fact that there is no way for parents to try the clothes on themselves. With that in mind, how on earth will you choose comfortable clothes for your baby? Here are simple tips that you can use:

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Why do babies need so much sleep?

Why do babies need so much sleep?

So why do babies need so much sleep ? Babies have a great deal to learn in a very short space of time. During waking hours, there is too much going on for babies’ brains to digest or reflect on the huge amount of information being received. During sleep the brain can organise and make sense of the vast array of experiences without distraction. Sleep is also a time for renewing the chemicals in the brain and the body, ready for another active day. (Hames 2002).


Listen to your own baby’s name in one of our  personalised lullaby’s

Why do babies need so much sleep



P. Hames (2002). “Help your baby to sleep.” HarperCollinsPublishers Ltd.

7 Birthday Gifts for One Year Old Babies

one year old baby giftsTurning one is probably the most special milestone in a child’s life. But celebrating a baby’s first birthday is more exciting and special for the parents. Being new into the world of parenthood, there are chances that the parents have already had some hard times and hence it is the best occasion to have a great time with family and friends. At this stage in a child’s life, he/ she are probably figuring out how to sit, crawl, pull, hold as well as stand. Exploding with enthusiasm and wonder, it is not at all difficult to find the perfect first birthday gifts for a one year old baby. Below is a detailed list of some of the best gifts for these little charmers.

7 best birthday gifts for a one year old baby:


These are some birthday gifts that are necessary for one year old baby for his growing requirements. Let us check out these birthday gifts ideas.

  1. 1.       Blocks

Currently in the most creative and enthusiastic phase in his life, you kid will definitely find use of playing blocks. It will encourage the baby to create something out of the blocks and hence is a great boost to your child’s imagination as well. These blocks are available in different colours, shapes, sizes and will help in adding fun into your toddler’s playtime. Fill a basket with plenty of these blocks and it is one of those birthday presents that the baby can use for the next 1- 2 years as well.

  1. 2.       Toy phones

Very popular in the category of birthday presents for one year old babies, toy phones will fill your child with excitement and fun. Toddlers are often fascinated by the mobile phones their parents use and often try to play with it as well. How fun it will be to give your baby a toy phone of his own? Loaded with lots of tunes and voices, you baby will not only play with it, rather he/ she will also learn how to hold, open as well as make conversation on a mobile phone.

  1. 3.       Handy feeding supplies

Children in their initial years are fed with feeding bottles and other common paraphernalia. These include small plates, spoons, cups and bowls among others. There are lots of such paraphernalia to choose from. These come with cartoon characters and child- friendly designs made on them. You can choose any such set of feeding supplies for the babies celebrating their first birthday. Make sure to look for crash- friendly and child- safe material. Put all the supplies together in a beautiful basket and you have just invested in one of the most adorable gift options.

  1. 4.       Bath toys

Babies are seen to be most excited during their bath times. So how about adding some fun into this bath time? For this purpose, you can stock up your baby’s bathtub with lots of toys. There are bath- friendly toys available in the market and these come in a lot of variety as well. From fish to hippo, ducks and frogs, there are lots of creatures that can turn your child’s bathtub into their own zoo. With time, you will see the baby carrying out pretend talks with these toys, while also giving them imaginary names.

  1. 5.       Give a makeover to your baby’s room

New age parents are seen adopting this trend fast and frequent. With your baby turning one, there can be no better gift than giving him/ her, a separate room. Along with a comfortable crib or bed (where baby can take adequate sleep), you can also add various stuffed toys to make it look like your baby’s very own bedroom. The best part about this birthday gift idea is that it will remain the same way for many years to come and your baby will surely love to have a place of his own for playing and spending time with friends as well.

  1. 6.       Make an investment

Again it is an out of the box gift for your toddler. With your baby celebrating his/ her first birthday, make a small investment for them. There are various child investment plans available these days. Choose the one that works the best for you and you will be making some meaningful investment towards your child’s future.

  1. 7.       Invest in a book

At this stage of your baby’s life, books are a necessity. Look for child- friendly books with bright pictures and drawings. Preferably go for a book with lots of cartoon characters, pictures of fruits, animals, etc. and your kid will have a stimulating effect. It will also make your baby curious about all the books that you will be buying them in the future.

Article by NT.

5 Baby Boy Presents

5 New Baby Boy Presents to Give to New Parents

The birth of a child is a blessed event and it should be celebrated! Whether it’s someone you know very personally, your spouse, a family member or a close friend, there’s always a great way to celebrate the day with a beautiful gift. The present should of course be baby themed and full of supplies and baby related gifts that the parents can enjoy. The gifts should also be geared to take off some of the stress of having to get everything ready and done while preparing to bring baby home! If you’re looking for great baby themed gifts, Lullaby Babies has a beautiful variety of appropriate gifts for you to give to your friends or close relatives. Here are five new baby boy presents that you can give and feel great about what you chose.

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Design Ideas for Creating the Perfect Children’s Bedroom

Guest blog from Aspace;


When it comes to designing a child’s bedroom, first and foremost, it’s useful to know the answers to a few crucial questions; otherwise you could find yourself back to the drawing board sooner than you think. Consider how long you expect your child to use the room for, maybe you plan to move in the next 12 months or perhaps this house has been in the family for decades and will become a staple room from birth to adolescence.


The most important stages in a child’s development are between the ages of 1 – 8, so it’s important to create a space that will spark your child’s imagination, engage their interests and be a joy to dwell in. However, creating a vibrant and inspirational space is easier said than done unless you’re Cath Kidston, and that’s why we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you create a space your children will love.


Avoid Trends, Embrace Interests


Every year brings a new craze, don’t be persuaded to buy that Peppa Pig wallpaper because in 6 months’ time it will be as relevant to your child as your dusty Spice Girls tapes from the nineties. That’s not to say ignore your child’s interests altogether, a love of flowers can be easily integrated into a French Victorian theme, and bicycles into a quintessentially British boudoir. If you strike the balance right, your child’s bedroom will stand the test of time, whilst still being stylish and on trend. Remember, you can always accessorise with trend specific items, after all, a poster or ornament is much easier and cheaper to replace than wallpaper.


Choose Everlasting Furniture and Imagination Sparking Embellishments


Purchase fabric letters and grizzly bear nightlights to your heart’s content. These are more than just decorative items; these are tools to encourage imagination and experience through recreation.


When it comes to children’s furniture, bear longevity and comfort in mind. A child’s room is primarily built for rest, 365 nights a years’ worth – a well-built and comfortable bed is crucial to a child’s development and mental well-being. A comfy bed frame and mattress go hand in hand and are investment pieces, choose a high-quality mattress which will stand up to wear and tear.


If you’re strapped for space, high sleeper beds are multi-functional frames which often come with built-in desks, bookcases and even an additional bed for sleepovers. This tackles the issue of clutter build up and storage space head on, leaving more room for finishing touches.

Aspace bedroom picture

Create a Mood Board

Instead of trawling the net for hours and then forgetting what caught your eye in the first place, create a mood board of ideas. Websites such as Pinterest are useful if you’re pushed for time as they allow you to search through thousands of rooms quickly and pin your favourites to a board.

Identify your child’s favourite colours and interests and involve them in designing the mood board, this will create a foundation to build upon and provides a go-to source of inspiration.


Author Note: We hope these tips have given you some food for thought when it comes to styling your child’s bedroom. ASPACE are a leading children’s furniture retailer with a passion for creating unique, well-designed beds for children which stand the test of time. Browse the full range online at ASPACE. 

Organic Baby Clothes 10 Benefits

10 Benefits of Organic Baby Clothes

When it comes to your baby, only the best should be used. This is why more and more parents are opting for organic baby clothes compared to the synthetic version. Upon closer inspection, organic clothes showcase excellent benefits that can help parents feel more secure over their child’s welfare. Read More

Peter Andre has a baby Girl with Emily

Peter Andre has a baby Girl with Emily

Congratulations to Peter Andre and Emily MacDonaugh from Lullaby-babies, who have reportedly given birth to a baby girl earlier today.

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Getting Prepared for Baby’s Arrival

Getting Prepared for Baby’s Arrival – Six Key Pre Birth Items

by guest blogger George Peterson

For any couple expecting a baby, there is a huge amount to do in order to get prepared for the arrival of your bundle of joy. While this is one of the most exciting periods in the lives of couples, it can also be a stressful and challenging one where there is a huge amount to sort out. For those who are going to be parents for the first time, it can be a particularly challenging period. The lack of experience coupled with the lack of hand-me-downs from a previous baby means that there is a lot to sort out and a lot to buy for first time parents-to-be.


While there are many things that you can purchase for your baby after he or she arrives, there are also many items that you will need to purchase beforehand. It is important to make sure you are properly prepared for the baby’s arrival, which means listing the items you need to buy as a priority and sorting them out before the baby comes along.


Key items you need to buy before the baby comesPregnant lady


There are many items you will need for your baby, but some are more crucial than others. Some of the items you should look at buying before your baby is born and ready to come home include:


Basic clothes: Forget about shopping around for designer romper suits. All you need to start off with are some basic, warm, comfortable baby clothes for your little one. Remember, your baby will grow out of clothes very quickly so don’t splurge beforehand. It is even worth getting hand-me-downs from friends or family if they have any available.


Cot or Moses basket: Your baby will need somewhere to sleep when he or she comes home from the hospital, so make sure you have a suitable baby bed available in the form of a quality cot or Moses basket.


Pushchair: While you may not be taking baby out immediately after coming home, many parents prefer to buy pushchairs in advance, so that they have a pushchair ready and waiting for when they take the little one out to show off to the world.


Bath: One thing you will need to do regularly after bringing the baby home is bathe him or her. Make sure you have a baby bath ready and waiting to bathe the little one with ease and convenience.


Car seat: It is essential that you keep baby safe and secure when travelling by car, which means investing in a good, high quality car seat. Remember, you have to get the baby back from the hospital, so make sure you get this sorted out in advance.


Nappies and creams: Baby isn’t going to wait around for you to nip down the shops before doing his or her business. You should therefore make sure you have the various nappy changing supplies you need, which includes nappies, cream, cotton wool, baby talc, and a changing mat.


These are just some of the key items you will need to look at getting in preparation for the arrival of your baby. You also need to consider basics such as formula or, if applicable, a breast-pump.


Fingerprint Pendant Surprise

fingerprint pendantFingerprint Pendant from Santa


I would like to say that receiving my gorgeous Fingerprint Pendant on Christmas morning was a complete surprise to me, but with two young children playing a significant part of the big secret, it was never going to remain a total secret until the 25th December!

See our fingerprint jewellery range here.


That said, although I had an inkling of an idea of what I may be getting, I didn’t actually set eyes on it until Christmas morning, but when I did, it was a fabulous treat.

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Personalised Children’s Cutlery from Santa

Personalised Children’s Cutlery Sets from Santa


personalised childrens cutlery

Personalised Childrens Cutlery for Joshua

I’m quite sure a pair of personalised children’s cutlery sets were not exactly at the top of Chloe and Joshua’s Christmas gift list this year, but none the less, that’s what they found in their stockings at the bottom of the bed on Christmas morning (amongst other items I hasten to add).

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Top 10 Baby Names

Top 10 Baby Names


A recent survey of the most popular baby names by the babycentre.co.uk revealed that traditional names linked to the Royal family, have become less popular in the run up to, and after the naming of Prince George.

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Singing Lullabies Does Calm Babies

Singing Lullabies Does Calm Babies

Here at Lullaby-babies we have long supported the idea of lullabies being beneficial to baby, and have plenty of written text on the subject on our pages.  However, it was very pleasing to see the story below making the front page of the Times, backing up our theory with scientific evidence. It was also great to see a number of our own lullabies getting a mention in the article.

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Five Luxury Christening Gifts for Boys HRH Prince George may receive


Luxury Christening Gifts for Boys


With the recent Christening of Prince George now successfully completed, I thought I would provide a list of popular luxury  christening gifts for boy’s suggestions that Prince George may receive from family, friends, well-wishers and maybe even his great grandmother.


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Lullaby-babies meets Dragon Duncan Bannatyne

Lullaby-babies meets Dragon Duncan Bannatyne  

Lullaby-babies had a close encounter with a Dragon yesterday [9/10/13] in the form of Dragons Den star Duncan Bannatyne!


However, it was not necessarily as you would imagine, face to face with the other Dragons in their den, pitching for some funds in exchange for an equity stake in our baby boutique business.


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Reasons to Shop at an Online Baby Boutique

Reasons to Shop at an Online Baby Boutique

When a friend, relative, or someone you know is having a baby, it’s a great experience and a special time in their lives. So when it comes to shopping for a baby gift for them, you want to find the perfect gift to give to that special person in your life. The trouble with shopping for baby gifts such as clothes or special namesake things is that they’re not all grouped together in one place. They’re scattered all over and you have to drive back and forth to multiple stores, just to find a couple of things you are looking for! Shopping for baby supplies and gifts can be easier by going to a baby boutique online.

online baby boutique

Online Baby Boutique

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Lullaby Babies Blog makes it to the USA

lullaby babies usa Lullaby-babies blog spot has been featured on a very popular American webiste, www.whattoexpect.com  just recently.


Follow this link to read the full article  http://www.whattoexpect.com/wom/family-life/camping-with-my-kids-creates-magical-moments-and-complete-madness.aspx

Home-made baby food is best says experts

Home-made baby food is best says experts

I guess we already knew it really didn’t we, but popping a ready-made meal in the microwave, is quick and more convenient, but it is not at the top of the baby food nutrient list for a growing baby.


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Fingerprint Jewellery Now Available

Fingerprint Jewellery Now Available

Have you ever wondered what to get as an extra special and long lasting keepsake for a new mum or dad?


How about some fine quality solid silver fingerprint jewellery?


Alternatively, you may be a parent looking for the perfect gift to give a grandparent, godparent or other relative; again fingerprint jewellery, or hand and foot print jewellery could be the perfect solution for such a luxurious gift.


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Welcome Prince George of Cambridge from Lullaby Babies

Welcome Prince George of Cambridge from Lullaby Babies


We were delighted to hear of the safe arrival of Prince George earlier in the week, as was the whole country, and even the whole world by the looks of the celebrations shown in the newspapers from Australia, America, Europe and pretty much all corners of the globe.

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After baby is born “sip and see” parties increase in the UK

Sip and See Parties set to rise in the UK


In yesterdays “Times” newspaper [16/7/13] there was an interesting story that another American baby related phenomenon was sweeping through our shores. Sip and see parties, as they have been named, can cost as much as a small wedding, between £3,000 and £7,000 according to TLC the event organiser, who arranged two such events in 2012, but already have orders for eight half way through 2013.

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Unique Baby Gifts


Welcome to my unique baby gifts blog. When a baby is born everyone rushes to see the new bundle of joy and they often take a gift to show how excited they are to meet the little one and to congratulate the parents on bringing such a special child into the world. Read More

Gifts for Babies


In this gifts for babies blog, I am going to look at 5 of the most common gifts for babies in the UK right now, some of them being very simple and good value for money, and others being slightly more expensive, but very much worth the extra cost if you can afford it. Read More