Breast-Feeding and Sleeping Patterns

A recent study has shown that breast milk contains different compounds at different times of day. Morning breast milk contains natural stimulants and its effect on babies could be compared with an adult’s morning cup of coffee!


Breast milk produced at night-time has been shown to contain calming compunds that may help babies sleep (just liike an adult’s cup of Horlics!).


This study could prove really important for mothers who express breast milk for bottle-feeding because they could easily be giving the ‘pick-me-up’ milk at night time and the calming milk during the day. This would obviously affect the baby’s sleeping patterns and mothers who express may want to ensure they are giving the right milk at the right time.


The Daily Mail has the full article here: For baby, a breast-milk cappuccino: Morning feed gives infants a natural pick-me-up

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Great article -worth considering

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