Buying the right baby bedding

Sleeping bags for babies (also known as Grobags) are becoming an increasingly popular choice for new parents everywhere. I think I’m right in saying that the large majority of parents, however, still prefer to buy cotton sheets and cotton cellular blankets for their newborn. This is because they are easy to layer so baby can be kept at the right temperature by simply adding or removing a blanket. You can click here to read how many layers a baby should have in relation to the room temperature.


If, like many parents, you decide that baby should sleep in a moses-basket or carry cot to begin with, you can buy specially sized sheets and blankets for this purpose. This makes it easier to ensure that there isn’t an excess of fabric that baby could potentially wriggle down under and have their breathing restricted by. I highly recommend buying the right-sized bedding for the sleeping solution you choose. Although, there are a variety of fabrics available, I would suggest you consider the stretch-cotton sheets as these are less likely to become loose in the night and taking them off and putting them back on is a doddle.


Sleeping bags are a great solution to baby’s night-time needs but although they are available for newborns, most parents prefer to start using them after the baby is about one -three months old.


For me, the main advantage of sleeping-bags for babies is that they can’t be wriggled off in the night and therefore, baby is less likely to protest during the night that he or she is too cold.


You will only need a few bottom sheets for the cot if you’re using a sleeping bag but if it’s an especially cold night you may want to put an extra sheet or blanket on top of the bag. You should never use a duvet or quilt with a sleeping bag as baby would be far to hot.


It is also essential that you find the right sized sleeping bag because if it’s too large baby may slide down inside the bag which would greatly restrict air flow and could become very dangerous.


Duvets and pillows should not be used until baby is at least one year old.  This is because they can restrict movement, provide excessive warmth and pose a suffocation risk to young babies.  After a year, you may wish to swap the sleeping bag or blanket/sheet arrangement for a duvet or quilt.  If so, it is a wise idea to look for hypoallergenic one with a cover of 100 percent cotton.

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