Should parents be doing more to stop their children playing potentially disturbing computer games?

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I think parents should definitely be doing more to restrict the exposure of their children to potentially disturbing games. Not putting restrictions in place is certainly a short term recipe for some well earned rest bite and I’m all in favour of the easy life! However, I do think that computer games can have a negative affect on a child’s development. Not only is the content often extremely disturbing but the act of the child locking himself away in his room for hours on end must have negative consequences on his development and I believe it can heavily contribute to the child being reluctant to interact with other children and may even lead to depression.


Grand Theft Auto

I have similar views about movies and television but I do not believe they have nearly as much influence as computer games. I believe there’s an important distinction between watching disturbing behaviour and interacting with it.   I’m not condoning either but I do think computer games are far worse.

By playing the games and taking on the role of the lead character the child is often encouraged to engage in unspeakable acts of cruelty towards other people and she is rewarded for doing so. How can this not have an impact?  With computer games becoming increasingly realistic this is a problem that could get severely out of hand if not dealt with now.


I’d love to hear your views on this polarising debate!


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