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We love to hear feedback from our customers, and on this page we will  post a cross section of general testimonials that we receive via email and post.  Hopefully it will be apparent from these testimonials why the large majority of our customers choose to come back to us time and time again.


Dear Gemma, I am delighted with the two name trains I recently purchased from your website. Also prompt delivery, a pleasure to do business with. 

CA, Liverpool

Hi Gemma, I have received the package today. The blankets are lovely and the embroidery is excellent! Would definitely come back and shop again 🙂

Lina, Hong Kong


“Hi Gemma, just wanted to let you know the music box arrived. It is lovely and I’m really pleased. Thanks for making the effort to get it over so quickly!” 

 Eve, London 


“I was absolutely delighted with my purchase and the fast efficient delivery service…Thank you so much I will certainly return to do further shopping!”

Marion, County Antrim


“Hi, I just wanted to send my thanks for the 1st birthday personalised lullaby cd i ordered. It is so beautiful it reduced me to tears, everything about it is perfect, the voice, the music, the lullabies, the presentation, everything!. The little touches, like the clear sticker on the cellophane wrapper with my niece’s name on it, were so thoughtful. I am so glad i found you and will recommend you to all i know. Thank you so much.

Gemma, Andover


“Hi, I think your service was exceptional i have already recommended your site for the lovely gifts and the excellent service. I ordered the gift one lunchtime and it was there when i returned from work the following day.

Julie, Coventry


“Your service was excellent. Very fast and no gouging on delivery which some on-line retailers indulge in. The product was very good, exactly what I was looking for and very difficult to find anywhere else. Thank you.

Paul, Abingdon


Everything went very smoothly. The packaging was brilliant and the item came the next day. I was really pleased with your service. Thanks.

Rachael, Sheffield


Everything went extremely smoothly. I was not certain if the package had arrived as I did not get confirmation from the recipient for several days and the support team at Lullaby Babies was able to assist me immediately. They replied very quickly with all my tracking information and it turned out that the package was delivered promptly and the products were excellent quality!

Marta, Canada


“Thank you for sending the product so quickly. This was excellent. As this was a gift.”

Lilian, Arisaig


“The CD is brilliant and a wonderful keepsake for our Godson. The organic soft toy we chose as well is fantastic, and outstanding value for money. The gifts were beautifully packaged and presented, and when the need arises, we will DEFINITELY be contacting you for personalised, very special gifts. Thank you so much.”

Judes, Nawton


“I was very happy with the service – very quick turn around time. Thank you”

Malgorzata, St Albans


“Very pleased with the product – music is beautiful.”

Kate, Stevanage


“Just to say thank you once again. My son had an amazing birthday and everybody loved the cds. They were truly touched.”

Meera, London


“Well done, I was very pleased with the whole process, thank you very much.”

Wasim, London


“Not seen the gifts however my friend informed they were great and she was really happy with them.”

Kim, Dundee


“Hi Guys, I’m absolutely thrilled with this unusual and ‘off the wall’ present. The audio production is fantastic and the visual presentation compliments this to a ‘t’. I am so looking forward to seeing my brother and sister-in-law’s faces when they open my nephew’s gift at his Naming Ceremony in a couple of weeks time. They’ve told me in the past that I find ‘different’ and unique gifts and I have no doubt this will live up to their expectations once again.”

Rebecca, Devon


“I really appreciated your personal response to my queries about the order. Also, my friends said the gift wrapping and presentation was lovely. Thankyou.”

Karen, Tasmania


“I would like to thank you so much for making such a wonderful disc. It really is a something special and the best keep sake I can imagine someone would like to own as they grow into adult life. I found that the quality was 100% and the price was so reasonable. The postage was so a lot less than I’d imagined, I really appreciate the fairness of your business and do wish you every success for the future. I will most certainly return within the next month or so as you have given me such an individual idea as a gift to offer to other special babies.”

Claire, Houdemont


“I will definitely be recommending your company and website to friends and colleagues not just for your product but for your customer service as well.”

Toni, Caerphilly


“I went to a christening yesterday and the baby’s grandma had bought one of these personalised lullaby CDs and had it played in the church as a surprise for my friend and her husband. There wasn’t a dry eye, it was really beautiful.”

Rebecca, Burnham


“I think your boutique is such a lovely idea and your products are truly wonderful. I also was blown away by ordering late on Thursday evening and having the package arrive on Saturday morning!”

Carly, Edinburgh


“Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the CD. Much better than I anticipated and excellent delivery. New Mum and Dad delighted!”

Janella, Bucks


“I wish to send a great big thank you for your service. I literally stumbled upon your site whilst browsing to see what special gift I could get for my very tiny first Grandchild, little Sophie (born eight weeks premature). Every one who has heard her lullaby could not help but cry (you should send a pack of tissues with every CD!), it is with out a doubt a very special gift for a very special and precious baby (as all babies are!). Baby Sophie came home today at last and heard her lullaby for the first time and loved it. She fell straight to sleep pleasing her mum. The delivery service was excellent, fast and packaged well. The product is special, unique and a keepsake all in one.”

Julie, Derby


“Thank you so much for the CD you did for me for Rosanna. It was absolutely beautiful. The christening took place yesterday and yes, there were quiet a few tears shed when the CD was played. It was a perfect unique gift and all who heard it said the same, and it will be treasured by her family and kept as a reminder of a special day for a very special baby. It was a pleasure to do business with you. Will recommend your service to all. ”

Mary, Isle of Wight


“I have to tell you I was so pleased with the disc. I played it to my Grandson when he was crying and I honestly have to say he stopped straight away and was asleep by the end of it so thank you very much.”

Liz, Leamington Spa


“I would just like to express my thanks at making such a beautiful, original gift for my friends’ twins, George & Joseph. The case was lovely and the lullaby evokes tears. I found your website by pure chance when searching for Christening gifts. I really am so pleased with the final product. ”

Emma, Stockport


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