Dance and Dream- Lullaby Babies Latest Release

We are delighted to announce the release of our latest album ‘Dance and Dream’ which is available to purchase via our website on CD and Mp3 download.


The double CD album features 20 classic nursery rhymes that have been arranged and recorded with a contemporary twist to give a fresh sounding album that parents should enjoy as well as their children.



Upon researching the album we noticed that parents tend to use nursery rhymes for two distinctive purposes.  Primarily parents use them as play-time songs to encourage their kids to dance and sing along with the upbeat music.  Studies have shown that learning the words to nursery rhymes and performing simple actions along with the music such as clapping and dancing can help increase a child’s cognitive development.


However, many parents also use nursery rhymes as lullabies and will regularly put on a nursery rhyme album for their child to fall asleep to.  The problem is that nursery rhyme albums contain a mixture of songs; some upbeat and some mellow.  A child’s sleep is likely to be disrupted if his or her parents put on a couple of soporific tracks from a nursery rhyme album without realising that the tracks are followed by loud, uptempo songs which will kick in just as the child is drifting off!


Likewise, purchasing a nursery album for play-time will have mixed results if a large proportion of the songs are mellow.  Therefore we decided to make this album a double CD feature.  The first disc is called Dance and features ten uptempo tracks to get your child dancing, singing and clapping along.  The second disc is called Dream and features ten soothing lullabies that work wonders at bedtime.


As far as we know this is the first album of its kind and we hope that parents will find it useful and enjoyable.  We firmly believe that parent-child interaction should be encouraged as much as possible and by listening to this album regularly, you can ensure you are spending lots of quality time with your baby.

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April 11, 2013 - 10:59 am /

Very cool

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