Design Ideas for Creating the Perfect Children’s Bedroom

Guest blog from Aspace;


When it comes to designing a child’s bedroom, first and foremost, it’s useful to know the answers to a few crucial questions; otherwise you could find yourself back to the drawing board sooner than you think. Consider how long you expect your child to use the room for, maybe you plan to move in the next 12 months or perhaps this house has been in the family for decades and will become a staple room from birth to adolescence.


The most important stages in a child’s development are between the ages of 1 – 8, so it’s important to create a space that will spark your child’s imagination, engage their interests and be a joy to dwell in. However, creating a vibrant and inspirational space is easier said than done unless you’re Cath Kidston, and that’s why we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you create a space your children will love.


Avoid Trends, Embrace Interests


Every year brings a new craze, don’t be persuaded to buy that Peppa Pig wallpaper because in 6 months’ time it will be as relevant to your child as your dusty Spice Girls tapes from the nineties. That’s not to say ignore your child’s interests altogether, a love of flowers can be easily integrated into a French Victorian theme, and bicycles into a quintessentially British boudoir. If you strike the balance right, your child’s bedroom will stand the test of time, whilst still being stylish and on trend. Remember, you can always accessorise with trend specific items, after all, a poster or ornament is much easier and cheaper to replace than wallpaper.


Choose Everlasting Furniture and Imagination Sparking Embellishments


Purchase fabric letters and grizzly bear nightlights to your heart’s content. These are more than just decorative items; these are tools to encourage imagination and experience through recreation.


When it comes to children’s furniture, bear longevity and comfort in mind. A child’s room is primarily built for rest, 365 nights a years’ worth – a well-built and comfortable bed is crucial to a child’s development and mental well-being. A comfy bed frame and mattress go hand in hand and are investment pieces, choose a high-quality mattress which will stand up to wear and tear.


If you’re strapped for space, high sleeper beds are multi-functional frames which often come with built-in desks, bookcases and even an additional bed for sleepovers. This tackles the issue of clutter build up and storage space head on, leaving more room for finishing touches.

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Create a Mood Board

Instead of trawling the net for hours and then forgetting what caught your eye in the first place, create a mood board of ideas. Websites such as Pinterest are useful if you’re pushed for time as they allow you to search through thousands of rooms quickly and pin your favourites to a board.

Identify your child’s favourite colours and interests and involve them in designing the mood board, this will create a foundation to build upon and provides a go-to source of inspiration.


Author Note: We hope these tips have given you some food for thought when it comes to styling your child’s bedroom. ASPACE are a leading children’s furniture retailer with a passion for creating unique, well-designed beds for children which stand the test of time. Browse the full range online at ASPACE. 

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