Drunk Dad Puts Baby to Bed… in the Oven

Larry Long of Kentucky took the phrase a bun in the oven far too literally last week when he put his baby to bed in the kitchen cooker.


Larry had downed a bottle of Whisky with his wife Brady Hatton and had been smoking marijuana before he attempted to fulfill his nightime parenting obligations.  He was in such a state of intoxication that he mistook the oven for the baby’s cot.  Thankfully he didn’t turn the oven on and left the door ajar but I still don’t think he will be winning Dad of the Year any time soon.


The baby was discovered by his mother who had heard the cries of her baby coming from the oven.  Emergency services took the baby to hospital where fortunately he was found to be okay.


Long was released on bail of 10 thousand euros.  He is being treated by psychiatric services and and is being charged with “endangering the life of his son.”


Authorities have temporarily taken away the custody of the baby from the parents.


Larry Long

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