Fairy Tales and Lullabies

Children love a good fairy story at bedtime to help them sleep.  However, we’ve always found the scary characters synonymous with most classic tales to be an odd choice for helping the child get to sleep!


Now the last thing we want to do is to brand these fairy tales as inappropriate for children at bedtime.  These stories are part of our culture and parents have been reading them to their children for many generations.  If parents want to continue this tradition then we certainly won’t be passing judgement as we’re tired of organisations, politicians and the media telling parents how to raise their children!  However, what we have done is create an alternative to the traditional fairy tales that we think some parents may find appealing.


Our latest CD album is a collection of original fairy tales and lullabies totalling over 80 minutes of audio.  The fairy tales only contain positive messages and themes but they still manage to engross the listener with the magical and enchanting story lines, interesting characters, rich sound effects, soothing narration and lulling, harmonius music.  The CD is great for playing for young children at bedtime as the stories help promote a positive attitude to sleep.  Furthermore, the format, unlike a book, allows ‘hands-free parenting’ so mum or dad can softly stroke baby’s hair or just watch him or her drift off to sleep.  The fact that you don’t need to have the light on is another big plus as suddenly going from story + mum/dad + light to no story + no mum/dad + darkness is quite upsetting for children to bare.


Fairy Tales and Lullabies


The album is available on CD or Mp3 download and is very reasonably priced.  We are extremely confident that you will find it outstanding value for money as the quality of the audio is unparalleled.  You can choose whether to order a CD or mp3 version of the album from this page:


Fairy Tales


The album is called ‘Snoozy’s Adventures in Lullaby Land.’  Make sure you check it out for yourself and tell us what you think- we’d love to hear from you.

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