Fingerprint Jewellery Now Available

Fingerprint Jewellery Now Available

Have you ever wondered what to get as an extra special and long lasting keepsake for a new mum or dad?


How about some fine quality solid silver fingerprint jewellery?


Alternatively, you may be a parent looking for the perfect gift to give a grandparent, godparent or other relative; again fingerprint jewellery, or hand and foot print jewellery could be the perfect solution for such a luxurious gift.


fingerprint jewellery

Fingerprint Cufflinks Oval

So, what is fingerprint jewellery exactly? Fingerprint jewellery is pretty much what it says on the tin, jewellery formed and made using fingerprints, usually the fingerprints of babies or young children, imprinted onto a piece of jewellery.


These bespoke and original items of jewellery have become very popular in recent years, as the idea of keeping such a lovely gift forever as a precious keepsake, has attracted much interest and media attention.


It is not just the babies or child’s fingerprints you can use, you can capture their little hands, feet or just their fingers and toes, it is completely up to you. Although these prints can be cast in gold or silver, because of the very high price of gold these days, most fingerprint jewellery is now cast in silver, albeit solid silver which is usually 99.9% pure.


The most cost effective procedure these days for commissioning such a product is by mail order. Once you have selected the item of personalised jewellery you want, you will be sent a casting kit which you use to capture your babies or child’s  print, and then you send it back in the pre paid postal package provided, to be sculpted onto the fingerprint jewellery by a professional designer.


Becoming a silver fingerprint jewellery designer is quite a difficult skill to master, but we have secured the skills of one of the very best designers in the UK, and we have tried and tested her products personally ourselves, and can vouch for the quality of them.


Not only do you get your babies fingerprints on the jewellery, you can also have the jewellery personalised further with the baby or child’s name written on the item, subject to a certain maximum number of characters, usually 7.


Some of the best examples of fingerprint jewellery are fingerprint necklaces and pendants, in single, double or triple prints, or a great present idea for dads are these square or oval silver cufflinks.


As noted above, I have already bought some fingerprint jewellery for my husband in the form of the oval silver cufflinks as a birthday present, and I am hoping he will buy me the double pendant for Chloe and Joshua’s prints for Christmas this year.

fingerprint jewellery

Handprint Necklace Double

Depending on how old your baby or child is when planning to take their finger, foot or hand prints at home, will be the measure of how tricky this process may be. It can be difficult to get babies to comply fully with their prints being taken first time around, but with the new casting kits, you get several attempts to get it right before the mould goes hard, so you should be fine to get a perfect pair of prints.


As a tip, if you are trying to catch very young baby’s prints, you could always wait for the baby to be asleep first!


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