Fingerprint Pendant Surprise

fingerprint pendantFingerprint Pendant from Santa


I would like to say that receiving my gorgeous Fingerprint Pendant on Christmas morning was a complete surprise to me, but with two young children playing a significant part of the big secret, it was never going to remain a total secret until the 25th December!

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That said, although I had an inkling of an idea of what I may be getting, I didn’t actually set eyes on it until Christmas morning, but when I did, it was a fabulous treat.

As you can see in the picture, my children, Chloe 5 and Joshua 3 bought me a double heart shaped fingerprint pendant, with a fingerprint and name on the front, and a short message on the back. “I love mummy


fingerprint pendant


All in all I’m really pleased with my surprise, even though the kids practically gave it away in all the excitement after providing their fingerprints in a clay pot.


If Chloe and Josh are reading this blog, my birthday is in the Spring, and I really like the look of the new handprint charm bracelet

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