Five Luxury Christening Gifts for Boys HRH Prince George may receive


Luxury Christening Gifts for Boys


With the recent Christening of Prince George now successfully completed, I thought I would provide a list of popular luxury  christening gifts for boy’s suggestions that Prince George may receive from family, friends, well-wishers and maybe even his great grandmother.


Buying any luxury christening gifts for boys can be a very difficult affair, especially if you have to buy for the future king of England! So my article today lists five very modestly priced luxury christening gifts for boys to help you out with any upcoming christenings that you may have, and may even give Prince George’s mum and dad a few ideas as well.


1. You won’t go far wrong with a nice silver money box, and with lots of different styles now available such as a digger, steam train, racing car, or carousel, there is something for all little boys to keep on their shelves, and learn the art of saving with their pock money (not that it will be a problem for George I imagine)


Luxury Christening gifts

Luxury Christening Gifts for Prince George

2 Some luxury christening gifts for boys that are now available on the internet follow the more traditional gifting route with a religious theme. A crystal Bible or more over an engraved crystal Bible is a beautiful and everlasting memento of the day, and with the Royals so publicly attached to, and supported by the church, this would certainly seem an appropriate gift for some.


Luxury Christening Gifts


3 An engraved baby boy music box in blue is one of the absolute classic christening gifts for boys, with its twinkle twinkle little star music theme, a slot available for babies picture on the front, and space available for a personalised engraved message, such as name and date of birth, or christening location, this really is a most popular gift indeed, and one that baby can listen to and enjoy from a very early age, which can’t really be said about some of the other gifts, that are more traditional and ceremonial than practical.


4 Moving back to the more traditional silver gift is that of an beautifully engraved egg cup and spoon with baby’s name, date of birth or date of christening and location engraved upon it. Once again a real long-term christening gift that can last a lifetime, and be treasured by generations, and of course even used when baby is a few years older. The phrase being born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth really could apply to Prince George with this gifting idea.Train Money Box


5 Finally what could be more beautiful and special than having babies very own personalised christening song being played during the ceremony for all to hear and celebrate a long with! Although the cheapest of our luxury christening gift list today, this really is a great way to celebrate giving a new baby a name for life, and will certainly put a smile on mum and dads face, and maybe even a tear or two.

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