Five Simple Tips For Comfortable Baby Clothing

It is true that babies usually have tantrums for no apparent reason. What most parents fail to understand that the most common reason for this is uncomfortable clothing. The difficult thing about choosing baby clothes is the fact that there is no way for parents to try the clothes on themselves. With that in mind, how on earth will you choose comfortable clothes for your baby? Here are simple tips that you can use:

1  Inspect the seams.

Seams is one thing you should consider when buying baby clothes. Make sure that the seams of your child’s clothes must be smooth and it should lie flat. When buying clothes, do not forget to turn the clothes inside out. Run your hands along the seams and see if there will be something that will poke or scratch your skin.


2  Shy away from clothes made up of tight elastic.

Your baby has sensitive skin. Any thing that is too tight will surely irritate it. This is why you should shy away form choosing baby clothes that are too tight in the legs, arms, waist or neck. This is because these tight clothes will cut the circulation. When you are just looking at the dress in the shop, it may seem comfortable to wear but once you fit it to your baby, you will notice how tight it is. Because of this, it would be best if you would bring your baby every time you shop.


3  Look for any possible choking hazards.

A lot of parents wish to make their babies as cute as possible. Because of this, they tend to choose clothes with beads and sequence. The sad part is, these cute little things can become a big hazard for your child. In the event that you cannot help but buy these cute clothes, it is recommended that you make sure that these details will not easily come off. Also, recheck the items every after washing.


4  Know the content of the fabric.

One thing you should check before buying baby clothes is its label. Keep in mind that different fabrics are used in creating infant clothing. These type of fabrics have different characteristics. Often times, natural fabrics are the best choice for babies. However, this is not the most practical choice. Understand what the differences between the fabrics are in order to determine which one is perfect for your child.


5  Avoid scratchy baby clothes.

There are various parts of clothing that can scratch the skin of your baby. Such items may include zippers, snaps, appliques or uneven backing. The trend for baby clothes now include the use of this appliques. This is why it is best that you double check the clothes for any rough edges. Most people tend to think that the backings and appliques will soften after a few times of washing, it won’t. This is why you should not risk it.



Choosing the right baby clothes will aid to the comfort that your baby brings. With this in mind, you can easily make sure that your baby will not be harmed with any scratches or tightness of clothes.


Aileen Pablo is a mommy blogger at The Thrifty Senyorita and also works as a Community Outreach Manager at When not working, she is being an artsy-fartsy mom and is doing DIY crafts for home decors and baby stuffs.

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