Getting Prepared for Baby’s Arrival

Getting Prepared for Baby’s Arrival – Six Key Pre Birth Items

by guest blogger George Peterson

For any couple expecting a baby, there is a huge amount to do in order to get prepared for the arrival of your bundle of joy. While this is one of the most exciting periods in the lives of couples, it can also be a stressful and challenging one where there is a huge amount to sort out. For those who are going to be parents for the first time, it can be a particularly challenging period. The lack of experience coupled with the lack of hand-me-downs from a previous baby means that there is a lot to sort out and a lot to buy for first time parents-to-be.


While there are many things that you can purchase for your baby after he or she arrives, there are also many items that you will need to purchase beforehand. It is important to make sure you are properly prepared for the baby’s arrival, which means listing the items you need to buy as a priority and sorting them out before the baby comes along.


Key items you need to buy before the baby comesPregnant lady


There are many items you will need for your baby, but some are more crucial than others. Some of the items you should look at buying before your baby is born and ready to come home include:


Basic clothes: Forget about shopping around for designer romper suits. All you need to start off with are some basic, warm, comfortable baby clothes for your little one. Remember, your baby will grow out of clothes very quickly so don’t splurge beforehand. It is even worth getting hand-me-downs from friends or family if they have any available.


Cot or Moses basket: Your baby will need somewhere to sleep when he or she comes home from the hospital, so make sure you have a suitable baby bed available in the form of a quality cot or Moses basket.


Pushchair: While you may not be taking baby out immediately after coming home, many parents prefer to buy pushchairs in advance, so that they have a pushchair ready and waiting for when they take the little one out to show off to the world.


Bath: One thing you will need to do regularly after bringing the baby home is bathe him or her. Make sure you have a baby bath ready and waiting to bathe the little one with ease and convenience.


Car seat: It is essential that you keep baby safe and secure when travelling by car, which means investing in a good, high quality car seat. Remember, you have to get the baby back from the hospital, so make sure you get this sorted out in advance.


Nappies and creams: Baby isn’t going to wait around for you to nip down the shops before doing his or her business. You should therefore make sure you have the various nappy changing supplies you need, which includes nappies, cream, cotton wool, baby talc, and a changing mat.


These are just some of the key items you will need to look at getting in preparation for the arrival of your baby. You also need to consider basics such as formula or, if applicable, a breast-pump.


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