If you want to stop your little ones nagging you – give them what they want

That’s not a recommendation from us by the way, its according to new research from the University of Manchester. The clever bods or researchers at the University think (following years of expensive research no doubt) that if mums are generous, her offspring will nag her less. it didn’t say anything about dads, so guess dads can still say no.nagging chil

However, reading on through the research we then discover that the subjects of this research were not real nagging toddlers and children, but mice!

Mice eh, well there’s an obvious comparison. Other than eating a lot of cheese, or more like cheese strings, I don’t really see the relationship myself. Anyway, those clever people have concluded that pups (that’s small mice to you and me) don’t continue asking for more if they are already well provided for.

They say it is something to do with a ‘fitness cost’, whatever that is, I say it’s because they are stuffed full of whatever they have been begging for, and so don’t want it anymore. These findings which have even been published, are also applicable to humans too, say the researchers.

To be fair, the researches also say a lot of very technical stuff about nest-building by mothers, chromosome 7, chromosome 5, and other techie talk, so we are not really qualified to poo poo the study of course. But to us, just imagine the carnage if the kids cottoned onto the fact that mums would just give them everything they ever asked for.

What do you think of this study?


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