Lowering the Crib Mattress

The age at which babies start standing varies considerably but it is usually between 10 – 18 months.  When your baby starts standing you should lower the crib mattress.  Her head should come just above the crib rail when she’s standing. At this height she won’t be able to pull herself over the top rail which could cause injury.  Also if your crib has bumpers at this stage they should be removed as she could use them to climb up and over.

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Chris Daly
April 10, 2010 - 11:57 pm /

Great advice thankyou. We have a cotbed and found that it was more practical to have the mattress up in the highest position when our son Thomas was newborn to 6 months. Now Thomas is a 6 months plus we have lowered the mattress right down to the floor as he is starting to pull himself up now.

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