Naming Day Readings

Naming Day Readings

In recent years, naming ceremonies have become increasingly popular as a non-religious alternative to a christening. The naming ceremonies are held to officially give the baby its name and introduce the baby to the community and friends and family that might not have had the chance to meet the new baby yet.

Many parents are now opting for these baby naming ceremonies as they are considered much more personal and meaningful and they are more relaxed than a christening. The ceremonies do not have to be held in a church; a lot of parents opt to have the baby naming ceremony at home or in their garden.


Naming Day Readings

During the naming day ceremony, guests, grandparents, the parents, friends, Godparents, or anyone else who might play a significant part in the baby’s life will be asked to participate in the readings that form part of the ceremony.


During the naming day readings, guests at the ceremony will be invited to make a speech, read a poem, or make a pledge. These readings can be humorous, serious, or whatever style suits the occasion.


The British Humanist Association can organise a celebrant to conduct the ceremony. In addition, the Association can provide a book entitled “Seasons of Life” The book contains a selection of poems and readings that are suitable for the naming ceremony and it serves as a useful guide for guests if they are unsure of the type of reading to choose. Naming day gifts.


Speeches/poemsNaming Ceremony Readings

Some people prefer to write their own speeches or poems for the naming day readings, while others will select a poem or speech that resonates with them. Some people might also choose to use the words from one of their favourite songs as part of the ceremony or a reading from a play, provided that it suits the occasion.


However, if you are finding it difficult to come up with ideas for the naming day readings, or if you are not confident writing your own speech or poem, then there are plenty of sites online that offer ideas, pre –written speeches or poems; if you want a reading that will be truly special and unique, you can find a professional who will write a suitable speech/poem for you.


Moreover, some local council sites such as the Bracknell Forest Council and Herefordshire Council offer a selection of poems and readings that can be used as part of the ceremony.

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