Organic Baby Food – A Greener World for Your Baby

I came across an interesting article this morning that is packed with tips to help save you money and help save the earth.


The author starts by examining the merits of breast milk but goes on to give some good suggestions for what to do when baby reaches the stage of wanting to eat everything that’s on your plate! She says the greenest way of feeding your baby at this stage is to prepare local organic fruits, veg and even meats in your own kitchen.  The author says not to go out and buy the foods separately, but instead put a few items aside that you’re preparing for your own dinner and mash them up with a fork or mix in a blender to create your own organic baby food! Apart from being the healthiest, least wasteful method of feeding baby, this should also be the cheapest.

She recommends making a few extra portions and freezing them so that you can thaw them out whenever you need food on demand.  Those who benefit from having jarred baby food available could buy organic and wash and reuse the jar whenever they’re out and about with baby.


The article continues along the same theme, discussing decorating the baby’s room, baby showers, equipment and nappies. You can read it here:

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