Personalised Baby Gifts For Your Newborn Baby


The safe arrival of a new baby is such an important and joyous occasion and so it’s essential that you choose the right personalised baby gifts appropriate for the occasion. The right gift can show the new family that you are thinking of them at this special time and that you have put time and effort into finding the perfect present. Very often the perfect present will even elicit a few tears from the parents at this emotional time.

How do you find those elusive personalised baby gifts ?


The best place to look is online. There are thousands of good quality online stores and boutiques that cater exclusively for babies. You can browse a huge number of products in very little time and you can usually personalise the products of your choice in just a few clicks of the mouse. High-street stores will have at best one small department geared towards personalised baby gifts and therefore it’s very difficult to find something that has the right feel. Furthermore, high street chains tend to offer the same stock in all their nationwide outlets which increases the odds of buying the same gift as someone else.


High street stores don’t tend to offer personalisation as they’d have to keep the necessary large and expensive equipment in store and would have to employ several members of staff to customise the products point of sale. Online stores tend to operate from one geographic location and store all their stock and equipment in one place which makes customisation of products a lot easier to accomplish. Furthermore, online stores have lower overheads and this means you should be able to get gifts at lower prices than the high street.


personalised baby gifts

personalised baby gifts

The main problem with shopping online for personalised baby gifts is the huge difference that exists between the quality of the stores. Anyone can set up a website and it’s extremely difficult for customers to know if they are dealing with a reputable company or not. Look for badges and accreditations associated with the company. These should be easily visible on the company website and will give you that peace of mind that you are dealing with a reputable firm. The SafeBuy badge is a great sign that a company is above board as members of the SafeBuy scheme have to follow very strict guidelines in order to retain their membership. The Good Web Guide is another good place to start as they only vouch for the the web’s very best online stores and actively monitor them to ensure their standards are maintained.  For your peace of mind you might be interested to learn that Lullaby Babies is proud members of both initiatives.


How to Choose the Right Personalised Baby Gift


In terms of the best type of personalised baby gifts to buy a newborn baby, it’s worth having a browse through a respectable website’s collection and seeing if anything leaps out at you. The best gifts are always the ones that come from the heart so it’s important that you trust your first instincts. For new babies personalised baby grows are popular this year and might be worth a look. Engraved silver or silver-plated items such as money boxes, photo frames and jewellery are also usually high up on parents’ wish lists. You may also want to check out the range of personalised lullaby CDs that are available online as these make exceptional personalised baby gifts  for newborn babies but are still relatively unknown as a gift concept and therefore they would make a good choice if you want to be certain that you purchase a gift that nobody else has thought of.



personalised baby gifts

silver fingerprint dogtag

Layette sets are always a wise option for buying new parents as they can never have enough of the basics such as baby grows, sleepsuits, mittens, hats, blankets and towels. These gift sets and baskets come in all shapes and sizes and range in price from £15 – £140 depending on how generous you want to be! The average amount spent on a new baby gift is £40 which should give you some idea of how generous to be. During these financial times £40 is quite a lot of money and so you may decide to go in at the lower end. If you shop around then you might be able to get something that offers exceptional value for money and so it will appear that you spent more than you did. After all it’s not the amount you spend but the quality of the gift that’s important. Even if you only have £10 to spend then a little gift will still be cherished by the parents if there’s thought behind it. It truly is the thought that counts. For example we offer a bunny rabbit and a pair of organic socks that comes presented in a super cute gift bag. The bunny rabbit is at least 20cm tall and the socks are presented as a stunning white rose. It’s a superb, unique gift but retails at around £14 so there’s no need to worry if you’re a bit strapped for cash at the moment.


Personalised Gift Delivery


Gifts are always best delivered in person but babies don’t tend to wait for your day off work before making an appearance in the world! Therefore, sending gifts through the post is becoming increasingly popular and many websites offer a gift wrapping option and a direct despatch option. This is usually the most cost-effective way to go when shopping online as you don’t need to pay for two sets of postage! Many companies even promise to remove all price tags and invoices from the package when sending directly to the parents.


Lullaby Babies specialise in personalised baby gifts, and  unique gifts for babies that offer high quality at affordable prices.   Because we carefully hand-pick all our gifts; only items that we personally vouch for make it onto our online shelves.  In just a couple of clicks you could find the perfect baby present and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve made the right choice.

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