Pocket Watch Engraved with Babies Initials

Gifting a pocket watch engraved with a newborn babies initials, is becoming a very popular way of celebrating a new birth, with a keepsake that can last a life time.

And it’s not just new births that suit this gift; it’s also very popular with baby baptisms, Christenings, naming day celebrations and confirmations, with the babies close family relatives, especially the grandparents, great grandparents and god parents, choosing the pocket watch as a gift above most others.


pocket watch engraved

Just out of interest we asked a few of our most recent customers who bought these watches as a gift, why they had decided to choose them instead of anything else on our website, or anywhere else to be honest.


The most common response was that it was considered to be a special gift for life, a real keepsake that would stand the test of time, and baring any accidents, be a truly lasting memento for the baby into adult hood, even outlasting the gifting parties themselves, which they also hoped would keep them in mind long after they have gone.


Another popular response was durability and potential usefulness over the long term. Clearly a pocket watch engraved with words has no use at all for a baby, and limited use for a child, but they will one day grow into it, and hopefully appreciate it for the wonderful gift it is.


Interested in getting a Pocket Watch Engraved ?

Here at lullaby-babies, we use state of the art equipment to engrave the babies, child’s (or even fathers) initials on the front of the pocket watch in italicised clear font, and then you are able to add absolutely any message of your choice on the back of the watch, bearing in mind the message should be no more than 50 characters (including spaces) long.


A good example of such a message for a baptism would be:


“Dear Joshua, On Your Baptism, Love Mum & Dad”  (44 characters)

The pocket watch itself is a superior-quality timepiece by A E Williams, and has a battery-powered quartz-movement, and comes presented in a gift box.


Why not take a look at our engraved pocket watch here and see what you think of it as a gift.

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