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Baby Bouquets

Baby Bouquets are now very popular in the UK,  no doubt following  similar popularity growth  across other regions including the USA, Australia and Europe.

Baby Bouquets are an great gift at baby showers, and for newborns as they are attractive to look at, and can also be very useful as well, with all sorts of other items included in many sets, such as socks, scratch mitts, and other useful items for either baby, mum or sometimes dad.

Some or our bouquets also include some foam roses which can be kept as a memento.
They can also be a perfect alternative to the more traditional baby flowers or baby hampers often bought friends and family, or even sent to work colleagues just before they set off on maternity leave.

Some hospitals no longer allow you to give real flowers during visiting hours so these wonderful baby bouquets are a great alternative to give new mums a boost.

These lovely baby bouquets are so realistic new mums or dads can display them as you would normal flower bouquets until needed, they are perfect to brighten up any home or nursery.

Here at Lullaby-Babies we have selected a lovely collection of beautiful decorative baby bouquets containing all of the essentials for any mother-to-be and new parents.

Whether it’s a classic cream baby bouquet suitable for boys or girls, or our lovely pink, blue or yellow bouquets, we’re sure we have something that’s just perfect for your required gifting occasion.

Please note all of our baby bouquets are made to order, and so cannot be delivered next day sorry.

Depending on how busy we are, we aim to dispatch the cake withing 5 working days.