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First Birthday Gifts

We have a gorgeous selection of first birthday gifts, including toys, clothes, gift sets, and personalised items for making a baby’s first birthday extra-special. Many of our gifts can also be used for subsequent birthdays, with older children in mind.

Babies will learn a lot in their first year of life, but we know they don’t stop learning after their first birthday! There is still so much more to learn as your little one crawls, toddles or walks into their next phase of development. When choosing first birthday gifts, it’s important to get toys and gifts that offer your young ones new learning experiences, more enhanced activity, and also have the potential to develop with your child.

As you know, one year olds are very busy people, if they are not quite walking yet, they soon will be and before you know it they will be running all over the place, and you will long for the days when they stayed in one place again! As one year olds have so much energy, it is worth buying first birthday gifts that can harness all that energy, to try and wear them out prior to them going in to meltdown. Toys and first birthday gifts that your child can ride or push around the house or garden are perfect for expending extra energy, and should lead to a good night’s sleep for all concerned.

Babies love playing with things that demonstrate “cause and effect”. They will learn that if they tip their box of lego over, the lego will spill out all over the floor. They will then do it again and again of course, but usually wait for you to clear it all up, before tipping it out again.

Babies at this age love to experience the world around them using all five senses, so it’s important to find first birthday gifts that fulfil their need to see, feel, hear, taste and possibly even smell. Be sure that no first birthday gifts have any small pieces in them, which would be a choking hazard at this age, as almost everything they get their tiny hands on will end up in their mouths.

Soon after your child is one year old, they will be beginning to understand and try out imaginative play. They will want to push a vacuum cleaner like mummy or a lawnmower like daddy, or pretend to talk on the phone, watching mummy do this then mimicking the adult conversations is absolutely fantastic to watch, with all the pauses nodding and pacing around the floor included. Try to include some of these items for them to grow into when considering your first birthday gifts options, such as the popular play phone with eyes and a nose, a hoover or lawnmower as above.

Once final tip for you babies first birthday is to make sure you make it a cracking day, film it, take pictures, go over the top with balloons and bunting and party food, because your will on get your baby’s first birthday once!