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Christening Gifts

Christening gifts can be used for ‘Christenings or Baptism’s, terms which  are generally used interchangeably, and all the gifts we have available on this page are suitable for both, for example take a look at these lovely gift suggestions – Engraved crystal bible , silver christening bracelet , engraved pocket watch.

During a Baptism ceremony the baby will have Holy water splashed onto her head three times as the Priest says, ‘In the name of The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit.’ This symbolises being reborn and having ones sins washed away.

The point at which a baby is Christened occurs during the Baptizm ceremony and represents the bestowing of a Christian (first) name. Given the significance of the ceremony, we recommend ordering one of our personalised baby gifts for the occasion that will display the baby’s newly bestowed Christian name.

John the Baptist baptised Jesus in the River Jordan although in the Gospel of John it documents that John was somewhat reluctant to do so as he did not believe he was worthy and explained that Jesus should be the one Baptising him.

Church Blessings

Rather than the traditional ceremonies mentioned above, Church blessings or thanksgivings are becoming quite popular as they welcome the child into the Christian Church but do not have the inherent commitment of a traditional Baptism.

If you are invited to a blessing service or a secular ceremony such as a Naming Day you should generally avoid gifts that contain references to the traditional religious ceremonies. Many of our gifts in this category allow you to customise the product completely. For example you could order an ABC moneybox personalised for the baby and write a message such as “For you on your Church Blessing” or a generic greeting such as “With all the love in the world.” If you are struggling for the correct language to use, consult the invitation you were sent as this will tell you exactly what type of occasion it is. You will then be able to pick a suitable present more easily.

Great Christening Gifts for Babies

A christening is one of the most important events in a newborn’s life. It is a sacred occasion when the baby’s parents, relatives, and friends welcome the new bundle of joy into their religion. It is thoughtful to bring along a gift that is special and will mark this momentous occasion. It can be very difficult to think of the gift that is just right for both the baby and parents as sometimes a traditional gift is the right choice but then others it is a more unique or unusual gift. There are several factors to note in purchasing the perfect christening gifts, some of which is the appropriateness, whether the gift will be treasured as a keepsake, and the uniqueness of the christening gifts (giving a unique or even unusual gift can make them much more interesting). When attending a christening, here are some christening gifts you can consider choosing for babies.

Personalised Baby Bracelets
Baby bracelets that are specially personalised with the names are top christening gifts for babies. Personalisation like engraving can add small messages to be remembered by the family in years to come and makes them beautifully unique. It can also be worn by the baby during the ceremony. Personalised christening gifts simply make it more meaningful and longer lasting gift. We very much recommend thinking about getting a personalised christening gift as it really makes all the difference in the world.

Photo Albums
Christening is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Parents and family members would definitely document this special event with lots of photographs. It would be perfect to gift them photo albums as christening gifts to place those precious and lasting memories of the day. The photo album can preserve the memory and its meaning for the baby, parents, as well as grandparents. They can be kept as keepsake gifts for the baby. Keepsake gifts are gifts that link themselves to an event in one’s life that can be fondly remembered with significant importance. Photo albums make great keepsakes and christening gifts as they can be kept close as daily reminders of the support and promises vowed at the ceremony where the baby was christened.

Silver Moneybox
It is never too early to teach your child about finances. The moneybox makes a great christening gift as parents can consider teaching their kids about the value of money from a tender age. Moneyboxes come in all shapes and size. You may want to get a design that is appropriate for the gender of the baby. For example, you could get a car moneybox for a little boy and a carousel moneybox for a little girl. The moneybox will encourage saving up for a rainy day.

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