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Unisex Baby Gifts

Unisex Baby Gifts are becoming the modern trend, moving away from the convention of buying pink or blue baby gifts.

This is also obviously a necessity if the sex of the baby is not yet known. However, Unisex Baby Gifts have traditionally been quite plain and boring, a trend that the buyers at Lullaby Babies have put a stop to by sourcing this vibrant, exciting range of fresh and contemporary gifts for baby boys and girls .

When you’re going to a baby shower and the sex of the baby isn’t yet known then our Unisex Baby Gifts are a great choice. They are perfectly suited to both boys and girls and many customers prefer them over the traditional colours regardless of whether the gender of the baby is known or not.

There has been a lot of media coverage recently into the debate of gender stereo types and parents have important choices to face starting from the colours they dress their baby in from day one. Therefore you might consider our unisex gifts in beige’s, browns, greens, and creams to be a wise choice.

Unisex Baby Gifts Ideas

Is your friend or family member expecting and you cannot wait to get them a baby gift? The gender of the baby might be unknown in early stages of the pregnancy, but this will not deter you from buying and preparing gifts. One no longer has to fret about getting unisex baby gifts as there are many unisex baby gifts now available that do not adhere to the usual blue and pink for baby boys and baby girls respectively. Here are some ideas for unisex baby gifts for that lucky little one.

Personalised Blankets

Choose gender neutral colours like beige and cream for the personalised blankets. Some blankets for unisex baby gifts are so comfortable and soft that adults go crazy over them. Select one that is luxuriously thick and soft. It should be comfortable for the baby when you bundle up the baby or tuck the blanket into a stroller. Thick blankets can also be used as a floor protection for babies when they play on the floor. Sewing the name of the baby on the blanket as unisex baby gifts adds the extra special touch to it.

Bedtime Fairy Stories

Educational books or bedtime stories are ideal unisex baby gifts. Choose stories that are sweet and meaningful. There are also many books with a pop-up experience or little finger puppets that can bring the baby through the book. Bedtime stories are a fun tradition to start for the little baby’s bedtime routine. Very soon, the baby will grow up to love books and reading.


Another type of unisex baby gifts where you do not have to worry about the gender is the moneybox. With this gift of the moneybox, the parents can teach the baby the value of money. As the baby grows up, he or she can save extra coins or pocket money in the moneybox for a rainy day. The moneybox holds a lot of significance for the baby as it can be treasured as a keepsake for years to come.

Engraved Photo Frame

Photos are the best way to keep lasting memories of the newborn. A baby grows up very fast, and tons of photos are taken when the baby arrives in the world. The engraved photo frame makes an excellent unisex baby gift to display the photo of the newborn. A unique photo frame can also brighten up the mood and create a warm cozy atmosphere for the baby’s nursery.

Baby Pyjamas

There are many pajamas with a modern take on unisex; therefore, one does not have to worry when selecting pajamas for an unknown gender for unisex baby gifts. There are many styles that suit both baby girls and boys. There are plenty of choices for people who are waiting to find out the gender of the baby or those who are simply saturated with blue and pink. As babies outgrow their pajamas very quickly, choose pajamas that are for babies of an older age. This will ensure that the baby can have plenty of use of the pajamas before they grow out of them.