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Personalised Lullaby

SKU: LB6992

This is a lullaby that is extremely effective at helping babies and children get to sleep in a natural, healthy way and therefore can be incorporated into the child’s pre-bed routine.

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Product Description

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Right click on your baby’s name to download a short audio clip to your desktop and then purchase the full lullaby using the drop down menu above:

Aaliyah Charlotte Grace Layla Pavlos
Aaron (a-Run) Chelsea Gracie Leah Payton
Aaron (Air-Run) Chelsie Hannah Leeander Phoebe
Abbie Chloe Harley Leila Poppy
Abigail Christelle Harriet Lennon Rafa
Adam Christopher Harrison Lennox Raima
Adelae Ché Harry Leo Rebecca
Adia Cian Harvey Leon Reece
Aidan Cody Hayden Leopold Reese
Aiden Connie Heidi Lewis Reid
Aimee Connor Henry Lexi Reuben
Alan Cruz Holly Lila Rhys
Alanya Cyrus Hope Lilia Riley
Alex Daisy Hugo Lily Robert
Alexa Daniel Imelda Logan Ronan
Alexander Darcey Imogen Lola Rory
Alexandra David Iona Louis Rose
Alexis Dexter Isaac Lua Rosie
Alfie Dheyanshi Isabel Luca Ruby
Alice Dougie Isabella Lucas Ryan
Alicia (a-Lee-Sha) Douglas Isabelle Luci Sabine
Alicia (a-Liss-Ee-a) Dulcie Ishaan Lucy Sadie
Allan Dylan Isla Luke Sady
Alonso Eddie Isobel Lyden Sam
Alonzo Eddy Isobelle Lydia Samantha
Amaya Eden Itsuki Macie Samuel
Amber Edward Ivy Macy Saphora
Amelia Eleanor Jacinda Madison Sara
Amelie Elena Jack Maggie Sarah
Ami Eli Jackson Maisie Sasha
Amiya Elijah Jacob Maiya Scarlett
Amiyah Elisa Jairann Malin Sean
Amy Elisabeth Jake Marcus Sebastian
Amye Eliza James Maria Selina
Anna Elizabeth Jamie Markus Seren
Annabelle Ella Jasmine Marley Seth
Archie Ellie Jax Martha Shorn
Aria Elliott Jayah Mason Siena
Arthur Eloise Jayden Matilda Sienna
Aryan Elsie Jenson Matthew Sky
Aryana Elysea Jessica Max Skye
Ashlee Emilee Jimmy Meadow Sofia
Ashton Emily Joe Megan (May-gan) Sonny
Auley Emma Joel Megan (Meg-an) Sophia
Austin Erin John Mia (Me-a) Sophie
Autumn Eshaan Jonathan Mia (My-a) Spencer
Ava Esme Jordan Michael Stanley
Bailey Ethan Joseph Miley Stella
Batya Euan Josh Millie Summer
Beau Eva Joshua Milly Sunny
Bella Evalina Jude Miracles Syanna
Ben Evan Julia Miriam Taylor
Benjamin Evangeline Juliet Mohammed (Mow-Ham-Ed) Teddy
Bethany Eve Juliette Molly Teifi (Tay-Vee)
Billy Evie Kai Morgan Teifi (Tay-Zee)
Binging Ezra Kaitlin Muhammed Tenley
Blake Faith Kaleb Mylie Theo
Bobbie Farah Kallum Nathan Thomas
Bobby Finlay Kalvin Neve Tia
Bonnie Finlee Kara Niamh Toby
Bradley Finley Karmen Nicholas Tom
Brian Finn Kassie Nico Tomas
Brooke Flo Katie Nicole Tyler
Cadence Florence Katy Nikole Uriah
Caitlin Flynn Kayden Niyam Wilfred
Caleb Franchesca Kayla Noah William
Callum Frankie Keira Nolan Willow
Calvin Franky Keisha Oli Winter
Cameron (Cam-a-Run) Fransico Khloe Oliver Woody
Cameron (Cam-Run) Freddie Kiah Olivia (Oh-Liv-Ee-a) Wynter
Cara Freddy Kian Olivia (Uh-Liv-Ee-a) Zac
Carmen Frederick Kodie Ollie Zach
Carter Freya Kody Olly Zacharias
Carys Gabi Konnie Orla Zachary
Cassie Gabriel Kristopher Oscar Zane
Cayla Gabrielle Kyle Otis Zara
Celine Gaby Lacey Owen Zeya (Zay-Ya)
Charles George Laila Page Zeya (Zi-Ya)
Charley Georgia Lara Paige Zoe
Charlie Gino Lauren Patrick





Listening to music


People listen to music in a variety of different ways.  Many have CD players that they use for playing music but an increasing number of people now prefer using their smart phone or tablet to play their favourite tracks on.  This product is supplied as a digital Mp3 file compatible with all modern music-playing devices and software. You can also use the file to burn a CD using your computer.   This means that if you have a CD player in the car but an Mp3 player or smart phone set up in the baby’s nursery then you can listen to your baby’s lullaby anywhere you like.  It also means that if you are giving this product as a gift then you’ll be able to benefit from the peace of mind that comes from knowing the recipient will get full use from this product regardless of the music set up they have at home.


The Lullaby is an Effective Sleeping Aid


The lullaby has been intelligently designed using the data from a number of research studies that were commissioned in order to study the effect that music has on an infant’s brain and to discover the best methods of using music to encourage a healthy, natural sleep.  Therefore such factors as the pitch of the instrumentation, the rhythm and tempo of the music and the duration of the recording have been taken into consideration.


This is a lullaby that is extremely effective at helping babies and children get to sleep in a natural, healthy way and therefore can be incorporated into the child’s pre-bed routine.


Your lullaby will be emailed to you within 24 hours.   If you do not receive it within this time please check your spam/junk mail folder.



It’s Available Internationally


Thanks to the invention of email you can send this little gem anywhere in the world in a fraction of a second!

Additional Information


Unisex Gifts, Girl, Boy


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    Perfect song for my little man! thanks

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    Very original gift idea, went down very well, and a great price too

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    Lovely song.

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    Beautiful lullaby, helps my little one off to sleep each night.

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