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‘Rock a by baby’ is from our new album: Acoustic Lullabies to Soothe the Soul.  The song is estimated to have been written in the 1600s although there is no concrete evidence to support this.  Some believe it was a pilgrim travelling to America on the Mayflower who wrote the song after observing the native women rocking their babies to sleep in birch bark cradles.  These cradles were hung from trees to allow the wind to rock the babies to sleep.  Because the branches of the trees had to support the full weight, they occasionally broke and this obviously meant that, ‘..down would come baby, cradle and all.’  However, like so many of these ancient nursery rhymes, their origins cannot be confirmed and the legends could easily be fictitious.




Please note, we changed the words in last line of each verse as we believe it makes a much nicer sentiment.


Rock-a-bye baby in the treetops
When the wind blows the cradle will rock
When the bough breaks the cradle will fall
But we’ll be there to catch baby and all.


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