Royal Christmas baby buzz heats up as the world asks…is Kate Middleton pregnant?

There has been intense speculation for some time that Kate and William may be expecting their first child.  Where is this gossip stemming from and is Kate Middleton really pregnant?



Is Kate pregant?

Is Kate pregant? Image courtesy of Getty images



The Royal Wedding was always destined to prompt speculation regarding the couple’s family plans and Prince William certainly ignited the speculation when he announced in May during a US interview that starting a family was his “immediate priority.”


Last month rumours of Royal Heir exploded when Jessica Hay, former school friend of the Duchess of Cambridge, announced that Kate was already pregnant and that the couple would make a formal announcement in December.  Hay claimed she had this, “…on the highest authority” but the Palace refused to comment on the story.


Magazines and newspapers know only too well that this story sells and the public are being bombarded with lightweight, unfounded speculation on a daily basis.  One magazine even employed a body language expert to examine Kate’s body language over the last few months in an attempt to find evidence that she might be pregnant.  A couple of snaps of her carrying a clutch bag in front of her stomach in a so-called ‘protective fashion’ were about as close as the expert came to shedding any real light on the speculation!


Imagine that every time you went out in public you knew there would be scores of photographers trying to catch you in an unflattering pose and that anyone of these photos could be published as evidence that you were pregnant:  would you even leave the house!?


Whether Kate is in fact pregnant or not will surely be revealed over the next couple of weeks.  The timing is certainly right and so maybe we should prepare ourselves for Britain going baby crazy… just in case!



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December 8, 2012 - 8:15 am /

Pretty impressive timing that the official announcement came only a few hours after this was posted!

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