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A note from Lullaby Babies:  Treisha is a new guest author at Lullaby Babies.  In this article she discusses Bed Bugs and explains the steps you can take to rid your house of the little critters… my skin is itching just thinking about them!


Treisha:  It has always been a chore for most of us to get up in bed every morning. It feels nice just to lay down there for a couple more minutes, snoozing and cuddling on your Comfortable Bed Mattress. But there are days when you can’t wait but get away from your bed and sheets because you feel itchy, not to mention very small blood spots which did not come from you. Just when you thought you are the only one snuggling up to your covers, you learn you have more company sleeping with you: Bed Bugs.


Bed Bug


Bed bugs are not friendly at all. In fact, they are parasites, feeding on warm-blooded hosts. We, as warm-blooded beings, definitely do not want to entertain these guests in our beds. These insects are flat, reddish-brown, wingless and are teenie tiny (imagine a crawling apple seed). They get all swollen and reddish after having a hefty sucking of blood, which, for us humans, is not a good and healthy thing. Their bites cause itchiness and may lead to allergic reactions. Also, we do not know where they came from (bed bugs can travel fast despite their small features). So before anything happens to your skin, get rid of those bed parasites by following these steps:


Keep It Clean

Bed bugs are just like any other pests that we are aware of; they do not like clean places because there is less chance for them to hide under the clutter. Since they reside on your bed mattress, expecting you to lie there every night, simply keep your room clean so they will get the hint. Focus on the linens: bed sheet, blanket (especially when you use those thick comforters), pillowcases and even stuffed toys. After going on a trip or having a guest at home, inspect your linens and throw them for laundry. You can also spray some rubbing alcohol on them as it kills them on the spot. Do not ignore other spots in the room. Remember, in as much as they are called bed bugs, they can hide in any part of the house as well. So sanitize the whole place.


Heat ‘Em Up

Washing everything in hot water may be one of the best solutions to get rid of bed bugs. Heat is their weakness, they would not stand a chance as heat can kill the whole life cycle of bugs. Better yet, after washing them, dry the linens via hot steam. It will eradicate bed bugs quite fast. For other areas in the house, steam is also a good weapon. Spray steam on corners and cracks to kill bed bugs and its eggs. A practical tip: Instead of buying a steaming device, you can convert your electric kettle into a steamer by adding a flexible tube on it.


Heat 'em


Use Insecticide

Of course, it is best to ask for professional help. But if you want to deal with these pests on your own, prepare to use some chemicals. To make the pesticides work more effectively, clean up the place, vacuum if you will then place the vacuumed contents in a sealed trash bag to prevent them from coming out and infest your home again. Again, the whole house can be their hide away. Make sure you spray on wall cracks and seams. However, NEVER spray insecticide on your bed.


Trap Them

Bed bugs, as tiny as they appear, are big travellers. They are easily on the go and can go from one place to another. Inspect your home for cracks behind furniture, on corners, and repair it. Put plaster on it so they can no longer hide inside. Glue back loose wall papers. You can also opt to purchase bed bugs sticky traps and place them around your Bed mattress, bed post, corners of the room, simply anywhere in the house that is a candidate for the bed bugs to go to.


Make The First Attack

End the war before it even begins. To avoid the infestation of bed bugs in your house, eliminate 100% of them if you can. These bugs can live for more than a year without blood, so do not think that they can just die of hunger. Apply the first 4 tips above at the first sign of bed bug habitation. Control it by following an Integrated Pest Management. This involves proper sanitation, preventive measures, applying and spraying chemicals on target sites.


Bed bugs are parasites that have not proven to bring diseases YET, but are still harmful to us. They take one of the essential parts of us that keep us alive, our blood. We are aware that big things come in small packages, but bed bugs surely are packages we do not want to enter our homes. Our health is important. Human blood keeps us alive and we definitely don’t want to share it with a parasite.


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Treisha is a portrait of a modern-day Party Girl. Nights of dancing and socializing are not uncommon in Treisha’s life, but she claims to know and respect her limits. When responsibilities and opportunities align themselves, she knows how to prioritize them and keep them in order. Treisha works part-time as a blog manager and writer for Uratex Blog.

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