Are Term Time Holidays Worth it for Families?

Term Time Holidays

The news recently has been plastered with the ruling that parents can now be fined for taking their children out of school during term time for holidays. There are benefits to taking your family on holiday during term time, including the cost. However, is the bid to have the cheapest holiday possible affecting our children’s education in the long run?

The Government website states that your child can only be taken out of school if they’re too ill to attend – going on holiday doesn’t fall into this category and can now result in a fine of up to £1,000, according to the BBC. Many parents – as many as 20% – opt to take this fine on the chin, as the overall savings made on going on holiday during term time usually outweigh the fine and the destinations tend to be a lot less busy. In fact, the Guardian suggests that most holiday companies even direct their advertising towards families taking their holiday during term time.


On the other hand, taking your children out of school during term time has its negatives, besides a hefty fine. points out that your child will be missing out on a vital segment of their education, which could be detrimental to their overall development, especially if they already struggle academically. Another article from the BBC agrees, saying that the lack of attendance directly affects grades negatively and that since the restrictions, grades have improved.


Taking your family on holiday when they’re supposed to be in school is no longer an option, so what are your options when trying to save money on your holiday? Holiday loans are a great way to borrow a manageable amount of money so that you can go on the holiday you want to go on without having to worry about paying a large lump sum. Tesco Bank recommends paying the loan off quickly for less interest, however, there are many different payment options. Alternatively, booking well in advance can save you money when travelling with your family. Centre Parcs, for example, is already offering deals on 2015 holidays, which save you 30%.


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