The Big Bad Wolf

There’s a debate raging at the moment about whether it’s right to allow young children to listen to scary fairy tales from a young age.


Whilst I disagree with the media telling parents how to raise their children, personally I don’t think it’s worth risking exposing young children to potentially traumatic experiences.


People argue that scary fairy stories are harmless but where’s the evidence of this?


I own the online retailer Lullaby Babies and about a year and a half ago I set out to develop an alternative to the traditional fairy story model.  The result was the CD ‘Snoozy’s Adventures in Lullaby Land’ which featured a collection of fairy tales and lullabies containing positive messages designed to delight instead of to scare


I’d love to get your thoughts on this issue as it tends to be one that poalrises people.


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February 22, 2012 - 11:34 am /

I’m with you on this one- they could be harmless but as there’s no evidence why take the risk? I bought your CD last week and it’s fab.

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