Tips, gadgets and apps for a healthy pregnancy

Being pregnant is one of the most significant moments in your life.  It’s something you’ll remember long after your little bundle of joy leaves home for college, or to start a family of their own.  Therefore, you don’t want to think back to your pregnancy as a stressful time, riddled with bad experiences, discomfort or illness. You want fond memories of this exciting experience for many years to come. While some issues like morning sickness can’t be avoided, you can choose to live a healthier lifestyle to make the next 9 months as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

The modern mom-to-be has a wealth of resources at her fingertips with her smartphone at hand and plenty of preggie gadgets on the market.

To help you make those 9 months a pleasant experience, here are a few tips, gadgets and apps for you to consider.


This lighted pen and log book is probably the only saving grace for equally sleep deprived spouses.  Now you can keep track of all your appointments, questions and concerns to discuss with your doctor without worrying about forgetting it all the next morning.  You can log all your baby-related thoughts that’s keeping you up in the middle of the night without waking anyone else in the room when switching on the lights.

Get enough sleep

Catching eight hours of zzz’s can become more difficult when you’re expecting, especially when the overheating and sweating starts.  You’re sleeping for two now, so the quality and quantity of shuteye is of vital importance.

Heat is not your friend when trying to snooze, but the Chillow pillow will help ease this discomfort. Simply slip it into your pillow case and enjoy the cool comfort.

It’s made of memory foam-like materials and all you have to do is fill it with about four pints of water which will keep it cool for a good couple of hours.



DigiTime Capsule

This is a solution to the dusty, unfinished baby-book that many moms vow to complete and present to their little ones when they’re all grown up.  It contains a diamond-covered USB heart necklace to document your pregnancy and baby’s progress up until he or she is five.  You can store and write journal entries, photos and videos.


Beforme MP3 Stethoscope


This MP3 stethoscope allows you to record and play the heartbeats of your unborn baby.  It can also show the heartbeats as a graph on the screen and you can export all the recordings to your laptop via Bluetooth or USB to share with your friends and family.




Mobile Apps for mommy-to-be

With the advent of smartphones, you’re sure to find an app for almost anything.  While there are too many pregnancy apps to mention, there are a few that deserve a spot in the limelight.

One such app is Foods to Avoid When Pregnant. Apart from the obvious no-no’s like alcohol, certain seafood and overly processed artificial ingredients, this app gives you all the food information you need when you’re out and about grocery shopping or feeding your cravings at a restaurant.  Whether you’re at home or on the go, carrying around a list of off-limits foods can be quite a hassle.

The Diet & Food Tracker App also helps you stay on track with the healthy pregnancy eating plan you and your doctor planned together. You’ll need approximately 55 000 more calories during your term to grow a healthy baby, especially in the last two trimesters, so eating enough good quality food is important.

Another app to keep you and baby healthy is WaterWorks.  Staying hydrated is important for everyday wellbeing, and even more so when you’re pregnant. WaterWorks helps you set goals and track your water intake during the day. Be sure to drink clean, filtered water to minimise the risk that comes with harmful chemicals that may be present in your tap water.

Yoga Mama

When exercising becomes a challenge, Yoga Mama comes to the rescue.  It’s important to maintain a certain level of activity while pregnant and this app will guide you through a series of guided prenatal workouts to assist in breathing and relaxation, while also stimulating the right muscle groups.

High-Tech Breast Pump

Once baby is here and the round-the-clock feeding starts, a breast pump can significantly ease the stress that goes along with the experience.  There will be times when you need to dash out to the store or an appointment that clashes with feeding time, which means you need to leave some lunch for the little one.  Opt for an electronic pump that does all the work for you and more effectively than you ever could.  This will ensure that you have an adequate supply to leave with the caretaker.

Author: Christine Kleyn

Christine is a content creator for BIBO UK and her work has been featured on many health and wellbeing websites.  You can follow her on Twitter @christinekleyn and Google+.

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