The First Weeks with a Newborn Baby

The first weeks with a newborn baby

There’s something very exciting and special about being all alone for the very first time during the first few weeks with your newborn baby, but it can also be quite frightening. This is when you will begin to realise that you cannot go back to how it was before. You’re now totally responsible for a brand new human being, the responsibility may seem much too bear. You may have a secret wish to go back home to your mum and ask her to take over. Or you may be the sort of person who just knows that you’ll get through it all, and that everything will turn out fine in the end.

In these first weeks with a newborn baby,  you’ll find there is a great deal to learn and all of it at the same time. Today it might seem quite impossible, but in a matter of just a few months you’ll look back and wonder how it could have all seemed so hard.

Such true words from the introduction of birth to five by the NHS, but no matter how hard it gets, keep going, it does and will get better. From the mum of  a five year old now.

potty training

Baby Gift Ideas

The hunt is over; find the best present with these great baby gift ideas

There are many of us who may have at one time experienced the difficulty of finding the perfect present for a friend or family members new addition. Whilst choice is fantastic when it comes to purchasing gifts, too much can make the whole process tricky. Especially when high street shops can be full of cute, fun and beautiful items to the extent that you may struggle to find one that is exactly what you have in mind.

Baby Blessing Giftbook


So what makes for a great baby gift? This is a tricky choice, even for those who have had babies before. After all, mum and baby will undoubtedly have been inundated with a variety of hats, boots, mittens and blankets during those early weeks.

The best idea is to think outside the box, or even outside the baby gift basket perhaps buy something that will be useful on a later date or perhaps something for the whole family to enjoy.

However if you have your heart set on selecting something from a host of baby gift ideas then there are plenty of places to come where you can find some amazing items at great prices.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the high street, there are other places that you can visit when you need some baby gift ideas; or personalised baby gifts one of these places just happens to be here on our online baby gift store, Lullaby Babies.

When it comes to baby gift ideas, Lullaby Babies have a collection of personalised, memorable and heartfelt gifts that you can give to this precious new bundle straight from the heart.

Luxury gift baskets, wooden name toys and decorations and even CDs to help them go off to sleep, we have them all and so much more.

Here are some of our most popular baby gift ideas which may inspire you for your next purchase. a personalised gift set that is not only absolutely gorgeous but allows for a real personal touch that any parent is likely to treasure for years to come.

Another personalised gift that is sure to become a favourite is a cuddly friend that is sure to be a long lasting companion with a special message.

If you are a fan of traditional gifts then perhaps you will be tempted by the engraved a wonderfully presented gift that comes in its own silk lined box to keep it safe over the years.

Finally, we have the which although not personalised is still destined to become a firm favourite with its magical spinning elephants and sing along tune of Old Macdonald Had a Farm.

So if you have a new arrival to treat, make sure that you don’t spend the precious cuddling time coming up with  a long list of baby gift ideas, simply visit Lullaby babies and you will discover a whole world of beautiful, different and personal gifts that will take pride of place in any new mummy’s, daddy’s or even baby itself heart!

Tips, gadgets and apps for a healthy pregnancy

Being pregnant is one of the most significant moments in your life.  It’s something you’ll remember long after your little bundle of joy leaves home for college, or to start a family of their own.  Therefore, you don’t want to think back to your pregnancy as a stressful time, riddled with bad experiences, discomfort or illness. You want fond memories of this exciting experience for many years to come. While some issues like morning sickness can’t be avoided, you can choose to live a healthier lifestyle to make the next 9 months as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

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How to Avoid Feeling Sleepy after Lunch

How to Avoid Feeling Sleepy after Lunch

If everyday you struggle to get any work done after lunch because the carpet beneath your desk looks so comfortable that you want nothing more than to curl up and fall asleep on it, then you suffer from food comas. Truth is, however, feeling drowsy after a meal is completely natural and known as the “post-lunch dip”.

coffee cup


The urge to go to sleep about seven hours after you’ve risen from the depths of your duvet is completely normal. But the modern workplace doesn’t quite subscribe to this phenomenon, demanding continued exertion even when your eyelids are struggling to stay apart. In an effort to help you stave off the post-lunch dip, we look at some of the ways you can avoid feeling sleepy after you have a meal.



Eat a healthy breakfast

While many people claim not to have time to eat breakfast, it’s important that you never skip this meal. As the first meal of the day, it sets the energy standards for the rest of the day and can make or break your worth habits. Give your body a sustained energy boost by chowing down on wholegrain breads and cereals, fruits and yoghurt. Not only will you feel less tempted to eat unhealthy foods later in the day, but it will also help fight off the drowsiness that you experience after lunch. Some studies even go so far as to suggest that regular consumption of cereal reduces coritosal, a hormone known to cause stress, which is just another reason not to miss out on a bowl full of breakfast.

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5 financial tips for new mums

Financial Tips for new mums

A baby brings with it a wealth of new and exciting experiences, alongside a stream of new and daunting responsibilities. But fear not! Here are 5 financial tips for new mums which mums can follow, so as to ensure that their little bundle of joy doesn’t accumulate a not-so-little bundle of debt!


There are a myriad of different baby products on the market today, all of which promote themselves as fundamental to your baby’s development. In order to avoid unnecessary expenditures on these products, create a list of essential items and stick to it whilst shopping. If the item isn’t on the list, then don’t buy it! This will help you to differentiate between what your baby needs, and what your baby would look cute in!

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7 Birthday Gifts for One Year Old Babies

one year old baby giftsTurning one is probably the most special milestone in a child’s life. But celebrating a baby’s first birthday is more exciting and special for the parents. Being new into the world of parenthood, there are chances that the parents have already had some hard times and hence it is the best occasion to have a great time with family and friends. At this stage in a child’s life, he/ she are probably figuring out how to sit, crawl, pull, hold as well as stand. Exploding with enthusiasm and wonder, it is not at all difficult to find the perfect first birthday gifts for a one year old baby. Below is a detailed list of some of the best gifts for these little charmers.

7 best birthday gifts for a one year old baby:


These are some birthday gifts that are necessary for one year old baby for his growing requirements. Let us check out these birthday gifts ideas.

  1. 1.       Blocks

Currently in the most creative and enthusiastic phase in his life, you kid will definitely find use of playing blocks. It will encourage the baby to create something out of the blocks and hence is a great boost to your child’s imagination as well. These blocks are available in different colours, shapes, sizes and will help in adding fun into your toddler’s playtime. Fill a basket with plenty of these blocks and it is one of those birthday presents that the baby can use for the next 1- 2 years as well.

  1. 2.       Toy phones

Very popular in the category of birthday presents for one year old babies, toy phones will fill your child with excitement and fun. Toddlers are often fascinated by the mobile phones their parents use and often try to play with it as well. How fun it will be to give your baby a toy phone of his own? Loaded with lots of tunes and voices, you baby will not only play with it, rather he/ she will also learn how to hold, open as well as make conversation on a mobile phone.

  1. 3.       Handy feeding supplies

Children in their initial years are fed with feeding bottles and other common paraphernalia. These include small plates, spoons, cups and bowls among others. There are lots of such paraphernalia to choose from. These come with cartoon characters and child- friendly designs made on them. You can choose any such set of feeding supplies for the babies celebrating their first birthday. Make sure to look for crash- friendly and child- safe material. Put all the supplies together in a beautiful basket and you have just invested in one of the most adorable gift options.

  1. 4.       Bath toys

Babies are seen to be most excited during their bath times. So how about adding some fun into this bath time? For this purpose, you can stock up your baby’s bathtub with lots of toys. There are bath- friendly toys available in the market and these come in a lot of variety as well. From fish to hippo, ducks and frogs, there are lots of creatures that can turn your child’s bathtub into their own zoo. With time, you will see the baby carrying out pretend talks with these toys, while also giving them imaginary names.

  1. 5.       Give a makeover to your baby’s room

New age parents are seen adopting this trend fast and frequent. With your baby turning one, there can be no better gift than giving him/ her, a separate room. Along with a comfortable crib or bed (where baby can take adequate sleep), you can also add various stuffed toys to make it look like your baby’s very own bedroom. The best part about this birthday gift idea is that it will remain the same way for many years to come and your baby will surely love to have a place of his own for playing and spending time with friends as well.

  1. 6.       Make an investment

Again it is an out of the box gift for your toddler. With your baby celebrating his/ her first birthday, make a small investment for them. There are various child investment plans available these days. Choose the one that works the best for you and you will be making some meaningful investment towards your child’s future.

  1. 7.       Invest in a book

At this stage of your baby’s life, books are a necessity. Look for child- friendly books with bright pictures and drawings. Preferably go for a book with lots of cartoon characters, pictures of fruits, animals, etc. and your kid will have a stimulating effect. It will also make your baby curious about all the books that you will be buying them in the future.

Article by NT.

Getting Prepared for Baby’s Arrival

Getting Prepared for Baby’s Arrival – Six Key Pre Birth Items

by guest blogger George Peterson

For any couple expecting a baby, there is a huge amount to do in order to get prepared for the arrival of your bundle of joy. While this is one of the most exciting periods in the lives of couples, it can also be a stressful and challenging one where there is a huge amount to sort out. For those who are going to be parents for the first time, it can be a particularly challenging period. The lack of experience coupled with the lack of hand-me-downs from a previous baby means that there is a lot to sort out and a lot to buy for first time parents-to-be.


While there are many things that you can purchase for your baby after he or she arrives, there are also many items that you will need to purchase beforehand. It is important to make sure you are properly prepared for the baby’s arrival, which means listing the items you need to buy as a priority and sorting them out before the baby comes along.


Key items you need to buy before the baby comesPregnant lady


There are many items you will need for your baby, but some are more crucial than others. Some of the items you should look at buying before your baby is born and ready to come home include:


Basic clothes: Forget about shopping around for designer romper suits. All you need to start off with are some basic, warm, comfortable baby clothes for your little one. Remember, your baby will grow out of clothes very quickly so don’t splurge beforehand. It is even worth getting hand-me-downs from friends or family if they have any available.


Cot or Moses basket: Your baby will need somewhere to sleep when he or she comes home from the hospital, so make sure you have a suitable baby bed available in the form of a quality cot or Moses basket.


Pushchair: While you may not be taking baby out immediately after coming home, many parents prefer to buy pushchairs in advance, so that they have a pushchair ready and waiting for when they take the little one out to show off to the world.


Bath: One thing you will need to do regularly after bringing the baby home is bathe him or her. Make sure you have a baby bath ready and waiting to bathe the little one with ease and convenience.


Car seat: It is essential that you keep baby safe and secure when travelling by car, which means investing in a good, high quality car seat. Remember, you have to get the baby back from the hospital, so make sure you get this sorted out in advance.


Nappies and creams: Baby isn’t going to wait around for you to nip down the shops before doing his or her business. You should therefore make sure you have the various nappy changing supplies you need, which includes nappies, cream, cotton wool, baby talc, and a changing mat.


These are just some of the key items you will need to look at getting in preparation for the arrival of your baby. You also need to consider basics such as formula or, if applicable, a breast-pump.


What Are You Getting Your Baby For Easter?

Easter is an important occasion but its significance can easily be over-shadowed by the spectacle of a mountain of chocolate and some decent TV.


Even if you’re not particularly religious, families living in today’s frantic world need to grab every chance they can to spend some quality time together and for many families Easter offers such an opportunity.

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Does your baby have their own First Christmas Lullaby CD?

Order a personalised lullaby for your baby
Click to Read Lyrics

If you act now you can order a lullaby CD packaged in signature Lullaby Babies keepsake tin and gift box that features your baby’s name sung beautifully by a professional singer.  It truly is a remarkable way of capturing the magical First Christmas occasion… just image having it playing on Christmas Day as your baby drifts off to sleep.


The last posting date for Christmas is the 18th of December and so time’s running out for you to order your baby’s own personalised first Christmas lullaby CD.


[mp3player width=380 height=120 config=pers_lul_full.xml playlist=1stxmas.xml]


There are also a few traditional Christmas songs that we have re-recorded in lullaby-style to add to the soporific nature of the CD.  Have a listen above.


(This sample personalised lullaby was recorded for a baby girl named Chloe)




You can get yours here


We also record lullabies for babies’ second and third Christmas’ and you can get your copy here.


Our lullabies are recorded and despatched within one working day so there’s still a few days left for you to order in time for Christmas but we recommend that you act now to avoid disappointment as they have been extremely popular this year and our supplies of signature tins is running low.


Christmas Time

Have a Lullaby Babies Christmas this year!



The Importance of Baby Names

You`ve got everything ready for your new arrival. Everything, that is, except their name. How can you choose a name which will encapsulate everything that makes your child unique before you`ve even met them? Of course, some people have it all figured out long before they`ve even conceived, but for many parents-to-be choosing a name is one of the most difficult jobs to do when it comes to having a baby.


Choosing the right baby name
They`re right to be cautious. There have been numerous studies to suggest that names can have an effect on a child`s future success. Sometimes it`s a case of self-perception. A person who doesn`t like their first name can perceive themselves in a more negative way and this can reflect on how others perceive them as well. Other times, it can be the associations that people have with certain names, especially influential figures such as teachers. For example, children with unusual spellings for traditional names can end up being placed in the lower streams at school. It`s unfortunate but true and certainly doesn`t help ease the pressure of choosing that perfect name.

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Shoo away Bed Bugs

A note from Lullaby Babies:  Treisha is a new guest author at Lullaby Babies.  In this article she discusses Bed Bugs and explains the steps you can take to rid your house of the little critters… my skin is itching just thinking about them!


Treisha:  It has always been a chore for most of us to get up in bed every morning. It feels nice just to lay down there for a couple more minutes, snoozing and cuddling on Read More

Have you got any Parenting Tips to Share?

We are currently looking for parents who would like to contribute to this free resource by sharing their experiences about parenting with our readership.  Not only will you be helping hundreds of new parents who are struggling to digest all the information out there but, if you contribute regularly, you will find that we’ll treat you from time to time with a little gift from our online boutique.   It’s also a great way to hear from other parents around the world and to share tips, techniques and parenting skills and maybe even make a few friends.   You could even choose to use this blog as an online parenting diary, documenting your little one’s progress, acquiring a permanent record and allowing readers across the globe to see how you’re getting on.  If you hit any stumbling blocks along the way you might find that you have a wealth of support available at the click of a mouse.  If you’re interested in getting involved send a quick email to introducing yourself and we’ll set you up an account!

Have a Cute Christmas!

Here are a few items from our baby store that are sure to make Christmas even more special this year. How adorable would your little little one look in the following items!?


1. Baby Santa Suit. Okay, so he won’t be drinking sherry and chomping down full mince pies but this Santa will still be bringing joy and happiness to all around him. £12

Santa Suit

 2.  Rudolph Outfit.  An adorable reindeer suit with matching bib that can be enjoyed over the entire festive period.  £10

Rudolph Outfit

 3.  Winter Robin Outfit.  Keep little one snug and warm over the winter with this gorgeous little two-piece set.  £8.99


Winter Robin Outfit

Order yours from our baby store and get that camera ready!

Help Baby Sleep Through the Night

Every baby`s sleep pattern is different. While some babies quickly learn to sleep through the night, others take a lot longer to get used to it. A good indication of how your baby will sleep can be learnt from the baby`s sleep patterns in the womb, but some babies are quite simply unpredictable. Generally speaking, after six months the baby should be getting into a routine and sleeping throughout the night. Newborn babies won`t be sleeping through the night for a few months as they spend between fifteen and eighteen hours of the day asleep and usually in two or three hour bursts. This sleep pattern is essential to help the baby to grow and develop, but after a while the daytime naps will shorten and the night time ones will lengthen. Until that point the parents have to adapt their routine to the baby`s sleep pattern.

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Organic Baby Food – A Greener World for Your Baby

I came across an interesting article this morning that is packed with tips to help save you money and help save the earth.


The author starts by examining the merits of breast milk but goes on to give some good suggestions for what to do when baby reaches the stage of wanting to eat everything that’s on your plate! She says the greenest way of feeding your baby at this stage is to prepare local organic fruits, veg and even meats in your own kitchen.  The author says not to go out and buy the foods separately, but instead put a few items aside that you’re preparing for your own dinner and mash them up with a fork or mix in a blender to create your own organic baby food! Apart from being the healthiest, least wasteful method of feeding baby, this should also be the cheapest.

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Breast pump cleaning and usage tips

I work for an online retailer that specialises in breast pumps and the guys at Lullaby Babies have invited me to share my expertise on this blog.


Breast pumps can prove to be an essential item for a breastfeeding mother to provide enough milk for the baby. Many women complain about the use of breast pumps but the fact is that as long as you buy a good quality breast pump that suits your needs and you know exactly how to use and clean it, then you will have no problems. Since a breast pump is a machine and is not designed to be as flexible as your baby, you will have to work with patience with your personal pump to express sufficient milk. Mothers usually need a breast pump when they are returning to work or when they have to be away from the baby. A breast pump also helps mothers to maintain and increase a healthy milk supply and it is best to pump milk often and usually during your normal nursing hours.


To use a manual or electric breast pump efficiently, firstly make sure everything is clean and hygienic, wash your hands thoroughly and go through the instruction manual of your pump to know every detail about it, so that you can set it up and use it correctly. Every breast pump requires you to achieve a let-down; with some breast pumps there are massagers in the flanges that massage your breasts and nipple. Otherwise, massage and gently rub your nipples until you relax completely. After you have achieved a let-down, the milk will flow freely. You can choose either between an electric breast pump or a manual breast pump. Manual pumps require a little more time and effort and are not meant to be used frequently. Spend around 15 to 20 minutes per breast or 5 minutes for each breast till they are drained. Use short squeezes to get a let-down with a manual pump and afterwards use long squeezes for an effective, less tiring job. Electric pumps, on the other hand, are best if you will be expressing milk frequently, for example, during work hours. Different types of breast pumps can be found and ordered online at trusted breastpumps.


After each use, you have to completely disassemble the pump parts and wash each of them separately in hot, soapy water and dry them after rinsing them properly. Try to clean your breast pump right after use so that bacteria are not allowed to grow in it. If you cannot do that immediately, then soak the pump in warm soapy water until you can get back to it. Also read your pumps’ instruction manual about the proper way to clean your particular pump. Some pieces of you pump may require mild cleansing while some may require regular sterilization. Remember that not all parts of the pump can be submerged in water, electrical parts like the motor, batteries etc. should never be cleaned with water but can be cleaned with a clean, dry cloth. Some pump parts are also dishwasher friendly but check that with your instruction manual before putting them in the dishwasher.


Clean all parts of the pump thoroughly that come in contact with your breast milk, no milk should be left behind as this curdle combines with fresh milk and can be harmful for the health of your baby. There are a few of ways to sterilize pump parts; with the electric sterilizer method you need special bags, a container designed to sterilize parts in the microwave or an electric counter top sterilizer. These use water to steam the parts of the pump and use it for nipples and baby bottles as well. To sterilize in a dishwasher, first determine which parts of the pump are dishwasher safe. Then rinse excess milk from the parts and place them in the top tray of the washer, set the washer on hot cycle to ensure enough heat for sterilization. You can also sterilize pump parts in a large pot after washing the parts with warm, soapy water. Boil these parts in water for 10 to 15 minutes to sterilize them.


Once you have cleaned your breast pump, don’t dry it with a cloth or towel because they can contain germs and bacteria which will contaminate the pump parts. Leave the parts to dry and when they are completely dried, they can be reassembled for use or stored for future use.

Attachment Parenting

Attachment parenting (or AP for short) is a style of parenting first proposed by Dr William Sears.  It was designed to promote a strong emotional bond between parents and their children (also known as a secure attachment).  Sears explains how this helps the child become emotionally well-rounded individuals capable of forming and maintaining secure and empathic relationships in adulthood.


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Baby Bloggers wanted!

Are you a parent who feels they would enjoy imparting valuable wisdom to new parents around the world?


baby sleep

If so we’d like to hear from you.  We would set everything up for you so whenever you felt like it you could add a post to this blog with the greatest of ease.  By sharing your experiences of night-time parenting you’d be reaching out and helping worried new parents around the globe.


You may even be a new parent yourself and might enjoy decribing your experiences in detail, as they happen.  Not only would this be a wonderful record to keep and an invaluable resource for other parents, but if you were ever worried about something, you could post a question and other parents could answer you directly and objectively.  There would be a very high level of mutual benefit in doing this.  One of the most comforting things that any new parent can learn is that they are not alone and that everyone is in the same boat- you may even end up making a few new pals.   There would be no requirements and you could blog as much or as little as you liked about any topic within the field of baby sleep.


Once we get a team of parents on board we would start running regular competitions and giveways to provide even more of an incentive to blog.


So if you’re interested in becoming part of the Lullaby Babies community please email me at:


Thank you

Helping Baby Get a Good Night’s Sleep- Introduction

One fact that is very clear from all the research that I have studied is that there is no, ‘one size fits all’ technique to helping a baby get to sleep. I will explain the known reputable techniques and the pros and cons of each. It is your job to find out which one ‘fits’ your baby. If one doesn’t work, try the next one until you find a technique, or develop a hybrid that works for your unique situation. You will also find that as your baby goes through the different developmental stages, this technique will need reviewing and updating.

A word of caution regarding sleep-trainers

There is evidence to suggest that sleep-trainers may be a dangerous solution to a frequently waking baby. Encouraging a baby to sleep too deeply, too long, too soon, may interfere with the natural developmental and survival mechanisms that the baby is armed with. Sleep researchers have found that blood flow to the brain is almost doubled during light sleep and believe this is indicative of a more active brain during these periods. They believe important development takes place during light sleep. Training a baby to spend more time in a deeper sleep may therefore be damaging to the baby (Sears 2006).