Understanding why babies wake during the night

It is important that we understand the reasons why newborn babies wake in the night. In the first few months they have many essential needs, yet their ability to communicate is extremely low. For example, their miniscule tummies digest milk extremely quickly and if the stimulus for hunger does not wake the baby, he will not get the level of nourishment needed at that vulnerable age (Sears 2006). Likewise, babies are still learning to regulate temperature and it’s an important survival mechanism that they awaken if they are too cold or hot during the night. The same applies to many stimuli that also have the potential to wake the baby.


Therefore, these mechanisms are not there just to annoy the parents, but to ensure the well-being of the baby! As we are next dragging ourselves out of bed to tend to baby, we should take comfort in the fact that his innate, built-in defence-mechanisms are evidently working just fine!


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