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I am delighted to announce that our new range of premium gifts for babies are here.  Please feel free to take a look and a listen by visiting the Lullaby Babies home page (https://www.lullaby-babies.co.uk).  The design and manufacture took a considerable amount of time but as I’m sure you’ll agree, it was certainly worth the wait!


Unique gifts for babies


I want to say a big thank you to Inchpunch Design of North Yorkshire and Science City York.  Without these two organisations, it would not have been possible to have produced such a unique and elegant design.


The difficulty in developing the packaging concept was that we were in new territory due to there not being another product like it on the market.  Therefore, we did not have the luxury of using a similar design as a reference point.  If I were to create a new perfume for example, I could design the packaging by examining the range of other perfumes on the market that I believed had it just right.  I could then fuse the best components together from each design to create a starting point for my own perfume.  Manufacturing would also be straight-forward because of the abundance of high-quality firms that specialise in producing that specific type of packaging.  Unfortunately for us, it was not that simple!


Because we were creating a unique, brand-new product, it had to be done the hard way!  I knew I wanted a design that was stylish, wholesome and that was in synergy with the product itself.  I wanted it to ooze quality and have that certain something that made it fresh, pure and baby-like.  Once we developed the perfect-looking design, we then needed to make countless refinements to incorporate the practical considerations.  For example, because our gifts are delivered via the mail, I wanted the product to be small enough to fit through every letter box to save my customers an annoying trip to their local depot if they weren’t in when it arrived.


Once all the refinements were made we then had to find a company that could manufacture the unique product to our specifications.  In the end, it actually took three separate companies to produce the component parts which meant we had to assemble them, by hand, at our head-quarters!


As I say, it was well-worth it in the end and I am very proud of the new range of products we have on sale.

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