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Welcome to my unique baby gifts blog. When a baby is born everyone rushes to see the new bundle of joy and they often take a gift to show how excited they are to meet the little one and to congratulate the parents on bringing such a special child into the world. When grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, long lost family members and close friends (as well as the not so close who just want a nose at the new baby!) all start arriving with gifts in tow, it is difficult to find a gift that you know won’t end up being duplicated by one of the other guests. That is when you need to find some unique baby gifts!unique baby gifts

Everyone knows about the standard bunch of flowers for mum and a stuffed teddy for baby (which will be gathering dust on a shelf for years to come) but what about those unique baby gifts that you may not have thought of before.



Unique baby gifts come in all different shapes, sizes nowadays!



For the ultimate unique baby gifts what about a personalised lullaby CD featuring the new baby’s name sung beautifully in every chorus by a professional singer. What a talking point that will be when the parents receive it and they will remember you every time they send their baby off to sleep at night to the lulling sounds of their very own song! Surely that has to be one of the best unique baby gifts you can give a new parent – the gift of sleep!



How about baby gifts that have been specifically personalised to show the new baby’s name, date of birth or your very own special message. A personalised baby blanket for example that can go on to become the baby’s comforter when he or she gets older and something they will remember you by every time they snuggle up in it. Or a Personalised Alphabet Poster to help them learn their letters when they are older, with the baby’s name and a message added to make it really special.



Or how about some fab baby gifts for Grandparents to consider? Well grandparents often end up giving their new grandchild some pocket money at one stage or another so why not give the new baby a personalised engraved silver plated money box? And when they add money to it they will see your special message and be reminded of you.

Train Money Box


As the baby gets older there will be many challenges for them to overcome, such as learning to feed themselves. Why not think of some unique baby gifts that will be useful later on in life, rather than in the immediate first few months. What about a personalised placemat and coaster set, so catch all the little spills which are inevitable!



There is a limited supply of  baby gifts to consider but with our hand picked selection, you are sure to find some unique baby gifts that will appeal to all families, budgets and Tastes on our website. Let your imagination run wild and you will never turn up to a birth or a birthday with the same gift as someone else ever again!

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October 21, 2013 - 2:37 am /

is there any interesting product you could recommend? thanks

October 21, 2013 - 8:39 pm /

Check out the fingerprint jewellery page, they are proving very popular this year, or any of the personalised items.

November 12, 2013 - 6:04 am /

Wow a song personalized, i guess you don’t get anymore unique than that. What a great concept. I think i would prefer that to the alphabet as that can be kept forever, well at least until cd’s become exist.

November 12, 2013 - 6:44 pm /

Thanks for your comment, CD’s are now being phased out, and replaced with MP3 downloads and email versions!

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