Welcome Prince George of Cambridge from Lullaby Babies

Welcome Prince George of Cambridge from Lullaby Babies


We were delighted to hear of the safe arrival of Prince George earlier in the week, as was the whole country, and even the whole world by the looks of the celebrations shown in the newspapers from Australia, America, Europe and pretty much all corners of the globe.


Baby Prince George was eventually shown to the waiting crowds and hoards of reporters a few days ago, with the first unofficial pictures beamed around the planet in just seconds using technology and social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

 prince george lullaby

As an online luxury baby gifts boutique, Lullaby Babies were naturally interested in the press reports of Prince George’s first baby gifts from well wishers, and of course to try and spot the post royal baby gifts trend.


So what do you buy the new-born Prince of Cambridge, 3rd in line to the throne, and a baby who can or will be able to pretty much have anything he desires.


Amongst the first baby gifts reported to have been given are the usual suspects of baby baskets, blankets, soft toys, rattles, baby grows, wooden toy trains, books from Canada and even some fancy cut crystal glass! But some more interesting items have been; a permanently reserved seat for Prince George at The Fort St George in Cambridge, that William and Kate visited last year in the early stages of the Duchess’ pregnancy.  The seat has been marked with a plaque, but I guess won’t be used much for at least 18 years.


The scouts at Lake Windermere gifted a more adventurous baby carrier backpack to celebrate the new royal arrival.


It is reported that Sudocrem gave a bespoke jewel-encrusted, 18-carat white gold charm bracelet that also doubles as a nappy rash cream holder. Finland donated a maternity package to William and Kate. The gift came in a brightly coloured cardboard box that also doubles as a cot, and contained lots of baby items including a sleeping bag, hats and of course plenty of nappies.


However, the winner of the most inappropriate baby gift so far is Australia, with a baby crocodile of all things! How many other baby gifts do you know that can grow up and eat you?


So what can Lullaby Babies give baby Prince George that no one else in the whole world has given? How about his very own personalised lullaby to help him off to sleep? and also help his new parents get some peace and quiet.


Have a listen to our original baby gift to Prince George of Cambridge on you tube and please share it with your followers and friends, and let’s see if we can get the word (or song) to mum and dad to download it for the nursery!

Prince George of Cambridge Personalised Lullaby

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