Why is my Baby Crying During the Night (Part 1)

Here are some common things to check when your baby wakes during the night and cries out for you.  
Nappy. Does he need a change?


Appetite. Does he genuinely need a feed? If so feed him. (Depending on what developmental stage he’s at, this may be merely an attention-seeking tactic).


Clothing. Check his clothes for areas that may be causing discomfort- tags, button etc. Are the clothes 100 % cotton? If not, he may be sensitive or allergic to the synthetic fibres.

Sleep Associations. Are the key things he associates with sleep present to help him drift back quickly? If you have worked a lullaby into the pre-bed ritual, putting it on quietly (possibly on repeat) may do the trick.


Illness. Does he have a high temperature, look congested or unwell? If you suspect it could be serious call your doctor straight away. If he’s scratching check to see if he has an insect bite or similar. Does he have nappy rash? If so petroleum jelly is the answer.


Wind. Rocking and giggling can help baby pass wind if needed. Employ your favourite burping technique after feeding to reduce gases building up.


Routine. Was his pre-bed ritual and lights out time consistent with other nights? Were his daily activities unusual? – nap times, snack times etc. If so it may have thrown his sleep patterns off a bit- comfort him and try and get back to the routine the next day.


More to follow

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