The World’s Worst Baby Shower

Picture the scene:   It’s January 12th 2013.  A large group of 200 friends and family have come together to attend a a celebratory do in Club Luis De Camoes in Stoughton, Massachusetts.  They have gathered to celebrate in the impending arrival of a new baby boy who is due to be born in to the world in only a few months time.  Just like any other baby shower there’s presents, laughter, joking and chatting. Suddenly a man is punched in the back of the head and a bottle is flung into the air.  All Hell breaks loose as a terrifying and brutal brawl ignites.  Punches are thrown, glasses and chairs are tossed into the air and many people are injured.  Four local police departments as well as the State Police and Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office are called to the scene to control the violence.   The police’s most crucial priority is to safeguard the numerous children scared stiff by their parents and extended family fighting all around them.  At one point one of the police officers stands on top of a table and pleads with parents to evacuate with their children.  It takes almost an hour for police to control the violence, many of whom get injured themselves in the chaos.


Four people end up getting arrested, including one juvenile.  One of the men is Paulo Pires Depina, the brother of the pregnant guest of honor Maria Depina.   Paulo faces charges of resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, assault & battery on a police officer and causing an affray.


Pregnant lady

Brawling at a Baby Shower- what is the world coming to?

And so concludes the account of the world’s worst baby shower… tune in in a few months time for minute by minute coverage of the baby’s Christening!




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